My Rotisserie…”set it and forget it”

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Hello my name is Candra and Im a kitchen gadget junkie.

Whew…ok. Ive admitted my problem.  Whenever new gadgets come out, I begin to stalk my local Big Lots Store or As seen on TV store and I indulge in my weakness. There is just something about how easy they make things seem on TV (as if I dont know the magic of TV).  I guess thats still the kid in me. The kitchen is my haven and  I am constantly adding on to the gazillion gadgets already housed within my kitchen space.

One of the gadgets that I absolutely LOVE is my Rotisserie machine. Yes… you remember “set it and forget it”. Trust me, that is pretty much what you do. I love to cook chicken in my machine. Ive tried a few other items however nothing compares to chicken that has been cooked in one of these babies. I love it because I literally place the meat in the tray, set the timmer and go back to chatting on BAB. If you dont have one of these little machines, I will give you 2 thumbs up to going out and investing in one.

Cooking Tip: When cooking a whole chicken. I soak it in a large pan overnight filled with salt water, onion flakes, and a few tablespoons of garlic. The flavors soak through and the chicken will taste DE-LISH-I-O-SO

Heres the model I have: It has the digital timer and also option to seer your food etc.

Heres my actual model. Its a little dirty because I’d just finished cooking a few chicken legs for the kids.

Posted by Candra   @   20 October 2008 1 comments

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Oct 28, 2008
1:11 AM
#1 Bernadette aka shortcake :

Hey Candra, I used live by the Rotisserie. My sons always put the machine up high and you I am short so I get lazy and don’t use it. The chicken comes out very juicy.
I had soak the chicken with onion, garlic and salt but only when I cook it in oven.

Thanks for reminding about rotisserie.

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