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Everyone has a past. The thing is, some parts aren’t quite the past. It might show up at your front door.

It is hard figuring out what things you can and can not deal with in someone’s life. It is amazing how quickly their past can creep back into their lives. It may affect their career, life, the relationship you two have and so much more.

I think of the past as anything before I came into the picture. This means any children, exes, drama, jail time, issues and life in general! Of course their children will always be around. Which means what? Their mother’s are too!

As your relationship grows, it begins having a past too. There are things that happen you want to remember and things you want to forget. We may say we’ll forgive and forget, but how true is that. It is easy to say let the past be the past, but many things are easier said than done.

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