Some Monday Motivation !!!

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.

I’m off to go get my excellence on… How bout …

24 August 2009  THE BABBIES

Weekly Menu Planning – BAB Diva style!

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So if you’ve been following my latest posting over on the BAB Forum you know I am really trying to get my life in order and maximize the time I have to get the most done!  Currently I’ve adopted Google Calendar & Tasks as the holy grail of my life …

20 August 2009  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

Reception Dressings!

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Nope. I’m not talking about Italian, Thousand Island or even French Dressings!
I’m talking about my ::possible:: reception dress. You see, I want to have fun during the reception-tons of it- and can’t wrap my mind around how to do so in an elegant, fancy schmancy gown. I’m sure I could …

19 August 2009  THE BABBIES

Flower girl dress: PURCHASED!

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Yay! I FINALLY purchased the flower girl dresses! I’ve been meaning to and it had compeltely fallen off the radar. Because neither of my little beauties live near me, I’ve worked with their ::fab:: mothers to guesstimate the size. I’m pretty confident everything will go good with that.

Of course I …

10 August 2009  THE BABBIES

When naps attack….

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Or why you should just carry your little tail to sleep when mommy tries to put you down for a nap in the first place…

LMAO!! Ohhhh he tried SOOO hard! He had just dumped out the diaper bag so I just happened to have the camera and he just …


DIY: Damask Hanging Letters!

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I Love completing DIY projects. Seriously, it’s like Halloween (free candy = happiness) in my eyes!
Last night I set out to start my DIY hanging letters project. I knew I wanted hanging letters somewhere in our venue and while the floral letters are popular, I wanted to go another route.
This …

6 August 2009  THE BABBIES

So I’m really really PISSED At the hubby!

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Okay so here is the scenario… I’ll let you all sound off about what I should do… Cause realistically the only solution I have is to slap his motherfucking face off.

But that is counterproductive to this stay out of jail vow I made for myself…
So I have been working at …




Random Acts of Weddings!

Very sweet! Very Surprising and Very Fun… Even surronded by random, total strangers love is beautiful and unites us all! All the best to Raff and Frank!

29 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The photo guestbook is in!

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Our photo guestbook is in! Our photo guestbook is in!
My how sad that must sound to non-wedding addicted folks! :/
Last Sunday, I sat down to design our photo guestbook. I knew we didn’t want the traditional store-bought guestbook; instead, I wanted our guests to be able to see our e-pics …

27 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Our Wrap-around Save the Dates!

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Here’s a sneek peek of our STD’s before we mail them.
We used damask wrap around labels and, ladies, I fell in L.O.V.E. with them!

I printed them out on full sheet CLEAR avery sticky label sheets (got a deal on them!) and then used my paper slicer to cut the labels …

Who won the free ish?

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I mosied my way over to to pick from my Lovely Commenters and the winner is…

Commenter #2!
And who praytell is that?

Why its lovely Preggo Tia H!!! YAY!!!!
Shoot me an email! Let talk about your free design !
Congrats!! I’ll be doing this again soon so keep your eye out ladies!



Post Thumbnail of Hi!

It’s been a minute since I updated you guys.
Work is driving me crazy because it’s getting closer and closer to our fiscal year end. I swear these people wait until the last quarter to do all the major work. Why? I don’t really understand it. I want to laugh at …

23 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Jesus he tha homie…. AND FREE STUFF!

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Welll… I don’t know if ya’ll knew but my laptop died and went to be with Jesus… Thats why my recent postings have been few and far between… As Dwight Eubanks would say, Who is this that has a website with no computer? How Dreadful…”  LMAO
But I went a looking …


DIY Sneak Peek: Paper love!

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So this weekend I was bored. B.O.R.E.D. and started thinking that, since I’m DIYing most of the paper things myself, I should at least start doing some mock-ups.

So I did just that. Last night I knocked out a mock-up of our table number/menu tri-fold, the program and out OOT welcome …

20 July 2009  THE BABBIES

Me and the husband are going out!!!

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So I just wanted to come in here and squuuuueeeeeee!! Me and the husband have a babysitting and are about to go out on the town…!
We have tickets to go see India.Arie… Who is so beautiful, soo talented, and has such a good sprirt that at time I think she …


Indonesian Ginger Chicken

Post Thumbnail of Indonesian Ginger Chicken

I found this recipe online, after the hubby requested Ginger Chicken for dinner.
I gave it a shot, lets just say…ill definitely need to tweak this just a bit.
The flavor was great, however I used boneless skinless breast which I cut into chucnks 1st verses chicken parts (legs, brast, etc).
So after …

20 July 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES

Jesus be a day planner, personal assistant, some act right…

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Or something…
So I have this perfectionist thing where if every single dingle thing isn’t perfectly the way I want it about something…  I won’t do it…I’ll work myself up with anxiety and then I’ll procrastinate, and delay till its all a even farther away from perfect than it would have …


And I almost fainted…

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No, seriously. I’m not being dramatic in the least. I ::seriously:: almost fainted. Why?
Um…okay…to make a long story short my bridesmaid L and I went out for a “girls night out” on Saturday. While getting ready to leave, I fell, twisted my ankle and…::clears throat:: broke my engagement ring.
Yes, Mister …

13 July 2009  THE BABBIES

The Favor Fight

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No, we’re not really fighting about favors, but I can tell Mister Mr. is getting fed up with my ever-changing ideas for favors.
Our conversation went something like this…
Mister Mr.: “First it was candy, then it was cookies, then it was BBQ sauce, then it was…”
Me: “Okay. I have a wandering …

10 July 2009  THE BABBIES

And the (catering) saga begins…(LONG)

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Okay, I try not to complain or vent too much on my blog- I mean, after all, this is supposed to be a “happy-happy, joy-joy” wedding blog, right?


The fact of the matter is that I’ve had an on-going saga with finding a caterer. I never really blogged about it and …

9 July 2009  THE BABBIES
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