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As of this writing, I am exactly 15 days away from my 1st year anniversary weekend with BF. It feels great to have someone who I can lean on, especially in my times of need. I love me some him!
Anyhoo, along with Valentine’s day weekend being our anniversary, Donovan and …

30 January 2009  Charanne,THE BABBIES

Simple visions

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They say every girl has her dream wedding planned. Well I guess I am not your average girl.
I always wanted to get married, but never imagined the dress or the decor. Frankly all that picking table cloths and chair sashes never crossed my mind, and still doesn’t. I …

29 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

5 Chic Styles for the Out-the-Box Bride (and Groom)

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Gone are the days of uber-traditional weddings that exhibit zero personality and showcase cheesy frocks that lend honor to past decades – like the 80’s. While one should focus mainly on the relationship when preparing for the big day, it doesn’t hurt to add panache and individuality to tie it …

29 January 2009  Uncategorized

Gray Area

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   We’re stuck in this place… it’s called the gray area.  In the gray area we are exclusively dating but no other lines are drawn.  This area is annoying.  You are probably asking “Why is it annoying?”  Several reasons!  We are not boyfriend and girlfriend.  It is the midway point …

26 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

The Daily

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     The daily life of exclusively dating is fun.  I am enjoying his company and all that comes with being in a new relationship.  The cute text messages, long phone calls, quiet moments cuddling on the couch and sweet acts of kindness.  The amount of time we spend together …

13 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

Food Porn

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I just returned from my week long cruise and what better way to let you all know how much I enjoyed it, than by sharing a little food porn with you. Im sure that I gained at least 10 pounds during the 8 days, however im not bitter about it at …

12 January 2009  Uncategorized

The other woman

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I have never been in a relationship with a man how has a kid before.  Having the other woman in his life, his child’s mother, is new to me.  My only view of this situation is my own relationship with my daughter’s father.  Many times I have been told it …

8 January 2009  April,THE BABBIES

Its been a year!

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I can’t believe it, it has been almost a year since FI proposed to me! New Years 2008 he was on one knee putting the ring on the wrong finger! He was soooo nervous.
This year has flown by and changed my life tremendously. I have heard and …

6 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

The Head Diva’s Delights!!!

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Here is a collection of my latest obsessions wedding related and otherwise…
1. My daughter just got these dolls for Christmas…
I have been stalking them ever since I had the twins but they were either way too expensive or totally out of stock. I was finally able to get them for …

30 December 2008  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC,Uncategorized

Getting Hurt

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I have come to the realization that I can get hurt in any relationship I enter. Friendly, lover, family, any! I have finally know this! A big fear of mine is getting hurt emotionally.
I have shared with you all my fear of falling in love. It is connected to …

29 December 2008  April,Single,THE BABBIES

Personal Changes

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I am amazed at how much my life is changing in the last few months.  Not just the regular stuff, but emotionally.  I can not even remember how I felt, less than a year ago, on my wedding day.  It is like it never existed.  I know that sounds strange, …

23 December 2008  April,THE BABBIES

Laying the Foundation

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to blog. (Senam hates me Between work, the holidays and a broken laptop, it has been hard to find some time to myself, let along get some thoughts down. I’m back in action with a fixed computer and some much needed …

23 December 2008  Uncategorized

Breaking Point

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Last Thursday was just one of those days. I felt like “I am really not compatible with my BF.” He says and does things that are completely ANNOYING. He tells me I am a priority, but sometimes does not put in the effort. Being in this LDR is hard for …

22 December 2008  Charanne

Day 2: Bourbon Chicken

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You walk through the mall on a Saturday afternoon and someone stops you near the food court
“Would you like a sample of Bourbon Chicken”?
Yes, of course I would…then I proceed to walk by that same sample man again 2 or 3 times till Ive had enough that there is …

22 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Frustrated & Tired

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This dating thing is taking a tool on me. It’s frustrating. I had a friend try to tell me I started dating to soon after ending my marriage. I’m sure many would agree with her. I don’t. I’m glad I did. Kept my life, …

18 December 2008  April,Single,THE BABBIES

DIY Wedding Luminaries – Water Balloons and Hot Wax! Oh My!

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So I loves me some craftyness! I barely have time for it anymore but when I was planning the wedding I was all diy, all the time.  DIY wedding projects are a great way to save money and personalize your wedding with your own special touch! Everyone will remember those …

17 December 2008  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC,Uncategorized

Winter Skin Care

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Seasons Greetings BABBIES!
Finally, I’m back to blogging! I think post-wedding stress disorder has taken it’s toll. I’ve been feeling so crappy these past few weeks. I wanted nothing more than to hide under the covers and come out only for food and the occasional junk TV. The holiday season didn’t even succeed in lifting …

16 December 2008  Uncategorized

Why is my hand itching?

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This morning I woke up greeted by the warm morning sun dancing across my face. I stretched, yawned, and thanked God for waking me up for another lovely day and the blessings of my life. Birds were chirping, they sky was blue, not a cloud in sight it was going …

15 December 2008  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC

Day 1: Mini Meatloaves and Fried Cabbage

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I just wasn’t in the mood for that big hunk of beef. Well let me start over cause that wasn’t going in the direction that I was looking for.
I didn’t want to bother with that big loaf of ground beef. OK much better. As I promised in my last entry, I …

15 December 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lets Try Something New

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So were tired of eating the same thing over and ever again. Isnt everyone??? Well, I decided to do something about it. Ive taken on the task of creating a new dish ever night this week. Basically, ill be trying new recipes and just overhauling others.
Each day ill post a …

13 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized
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