Reason #438,738,991 why my husband kicks ass is….

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He has just taken ALL 5 children out  and left me in the house by myself….

:does evil laugh:

ITS MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hootie HOO!!!

Excuse me, I’m off to go get BUCCKIIDD NAKED, Drink Juice right out of the container and eat up all the kids Fruit snacks….

Blissful peace? Is that you? I think I just had a momgasm…

So Ladies, What has your husband, Fiance, Boyfriend, Boo, Random dud laying next to you done lately that confirms his kick-ass-ery?

Comment and let me know!

Posted by thehdic   @   31 May 2009 5 comments
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May 31, 2009
5:51 PM
#1 Mariposa :

He walked the dogs at 6 am this morning so that I would not have to get up! He registered to take the online pre-marital counseling quiz that he is not feeling just to make me happy.

May 31, 2009
7:03 PM
#2 Alesia :

DH wakes up early every weekend and deals with Hailey while I get to chill out in the bed watching T.V.

May 31, 2009
7:41 PM
#3 Lillian :

That’s great Senam! My DH washed the car and cooked me breakfast while I slept in from getting my hair braided early Saturday morning.

May 31, 2009
7:55 PM
#4 blacksred :

He makes the most DELICIOUS breakfast on the weekends, puts on a tray and brings it to me in BED. EVERY WEEKEND!!

May 31, 2009
11:00 PM
#5 Anyel :

After church today my strap to my dress popped and we were going out to eat. DH was at work and I told him and I would be late meeting everyone if i went home to change and he said for me to not worry about it and he will fix it when he see’s me with some safety pins.. He ended up asking everyone at work for some safety pins before he got off and met me for dinner :0

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