So I’m really really PISSED At the hubby!

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Okay so here is the scenario… I’ll let you all sound off about what I should do… Cause realistically the only solution I have is to slap his motherfucking face off.

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But that is counterproductive to this stay out of jail vow I made for myself…

So I have been working at getting Solstice’s room to some kind of organization. I’ve been trying to figure out some kind of storage solution that will allow her to be able to do most of the organizing and picking up herself without excuses or where does this go. Money is REALLLY TIGHT around here so I was looking for something that was also very reasonable. It didn’t have to last forever so I was willing to comprise and get what I could to serve the purpose till I was in a financial place to purchase something that would last us…

So I came up with this…cubes

Very cute! I was on the hunt for some of these with a reasonable price… So one day while perusing Target  or my beloved TarJay  I found a set of white cubes that are supposed to go for 79.99 marked down to 25.99… The original plastic wrapping was jacked up so it got marked down! I was soooo excited! I also got some fabric drawers to use with it. This way each cube could be for whatever item and have a correct place…

I brought them home but they were to heavy to carry upstairs so I asked Michael to help me carry them upstairs… So he was pissed because according to him I spent money on “unnecessary stuff”! And was giving me lip about the cubes so I told him it was cool he didn’t have to bring them up and I put them in the garage and planned to bring them up myself this weekend. I mean its 26 dollars it is not breaking the bank! And I’m tired of being the only one who tries to bring some order to Solstice’s room… He just lets her run wild in there and then the mess is mine! So this was a perfect solution to organize it up.

Cut to this afternoon… Michael is going to return a pair of shoes I bought for him and some stuff I bought to target… They are all on the same receipt as the cubes….. So this fool saw the cubes on the receipt and took the cubes back without telling me….


Now for me I’m just going to go back to the store and buy them at full price and let him be EXTRA pissed about triple the cost… But the point is he doesn’t get it, I feel very disrespected and I’m not sure how to get my point across so that this mess does NOT happen again…

Sigh… I know its a this too shall pass kind of moment but I AM PISSED!

What should I do? The only thing I can come up with is to ask him what did the Five Fingers say to the face?

rick james slap Pictures, Images and Photos

Posted by thehdic   @   5 August 2009 5 comments

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Aug 5, 2009
12:11 AM

Umm Senam, Im over here mouth wide open in disbelief….I would be on my way to cook county typing this so kudos to you for not going that route, but I dont have an answer for this. I look forward to reading the comments from your readers…

Aug 5, 2009
1:09 AM
#2 Patrice(PKGM) :

WOW! I am not married, but I can definitely say that you were very considerate about the budget of the household meaning, you took him and your income and financial situation before the purchase was made. Then he turns around slaps the taste out of your mouth with that EXTREMELY inconsiderate, passively aggressive sneeky move! This is just wow. Now, for my suggestion: If I were you I would go and re-purchase the items you might find the sale still going on at another Target or two. Even if you don’t–go and get those items AGAIN, just to let him know that things don’t work like that in a household! Fair is fair…you are trying to organize your home. You found a sale and yet he still got mad? This scenario is truly a WOW! Good luck honey!

Aug 5, 2009
2:01 AM
#3 busybodyk :

Wow! I feel your frustration. I think what Michael did was wrong. Like the previous poster said, it was passive aggressive. Is this an ongoing issue between you two? The problem is deeper than just those cubes. Is it possible that he doesn’t agree on how you spend money sometimes so this was just a culmination of frustration from previous incidents? I don’t think it would be right for you to go out and buy the same cubes just because you’re mad. If you do that, how will it end? Cubes or a happy home? You choose. Slapping is not an option. I repeat, this is not about the cubes. One word of advice = BUDGET. You and Michael need to come up with an budget and a plan for how to get the things you need AND want (this will have to be ongoing – possibly weekly or monthly). That is how to prevent this from happening again. Take a woosah breath, tell him how much it hurt you and why (you need organization, etc.), then forgive him, talk to him calmly, address the real issue and solve it like an adult married woman. It will be hard but you can do it! WORK TOGETHER.

**I wrote all this because I assumed you don’t have a budget that you two agree on. If you do, and the cubes were in line with the budget then slap his azz! LOL**

Aug 5, 2009
4:01 AM
#4 Gina :

That was straight wrong. I don’t have any suggestions for you because this would have been a real argument in my house. I AM SO SORRY…

Aug 5, 2009
1:21 PM
#5 thehdic :

THis is where I am with it this morning…

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

Robert Muller

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