STD Decision!

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Can I just tell y’all how much it tickled me to write ‘STD decision’ in the title? Yes, I’m 27 and I still behave like I have no home-training at all. {gasp!}

So, you’ve seen our ::fabulous:: Save the Date cards have already been designed by my e-bff, Chris!
So what’s the dilemma? Well, I can’t decide between postcards, invitation-style or magnet STD’s.
I can think of pros and cons of all of them!
Post-card style STD’s Post-card style, while practical and inexpensive, are easy to be tossed out/overlooked and mixed up with unimportant mail. I’d hate for our guests to get the save the date but NOT get them due to being bundled up with the mail.
Invitation-style STD’s

Invitation style STD’s are a little more traditional (not in design, but concept) and, like post-card style STDs, are pretty inexpensive and easy to come across. I’ve heard of brides who’ve paid MORE for invitation style STDs (due to postage, and additional inserts) for this style also. I’d be concerned with them being overlooked as well.
Magnet-Style STDs

The magnet STD is a growing trend that brides and guests alike are starting to love! The magnets are def. practical and inexpensive, while allowing a little bit of creativity to shine out too. The only con I’d see with this is, like the others, getting mixed up in the shuffle of the mail. The only difference with the magnet is, it’s a little thicker and will (hopefully) prompt someone into thinking it’s a present or something! Lol!

Right now, I’m leaning more towards magnets. I’d love for my guests to look at the magnet as a daily reminder of the big day, but the reality is regardless which style I choose there will be someone who will overlook something.

What style are you going with?

Ebonee Monique

Posted by eboneemonique   @   7 June 2009 9 comments

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Jun 7, 2009
9:24 PM

Why not both?! When we had our date set for March, I had Delovely Designs create a postcard style save-the-date for us, which I later uploadedto Vistaprint. I then attached adhesive magnet strips to the back of each one (sold in roll at Hobby Lobby). Of course, it defeated the purpose of sending them out without envelopes, but it was fun & lovely nonetheless!

Love ya sis!

Jun 8, 2009
6:00 PM
#2 KeepUp :

I didn’t do STDs (I giggle at that also BTW :teehee:). I like the magnet (1st choice) or postcard ones over the invitation style though.

Jun 8, 2009
6:04 PM
#3 JoVonn :

I didn’t do them either. I like the magnet idea. Add me to the STD giggle club.

Jun 8, 2009
8:06 PM
#4 Gina :

When I did my STD I did the postcard style. Thinking back on it I wish I would have done the magnet. I’ve been over some houses and I’ve seen the STD on their refridgerator.

Jun 8, 2009
8:57 PM
#5 Tia :

We did magnets. It’s so funny going over family’s houses and still seeing the STD on the fridge…LOL
A lot of people really appreciated the magnets, as they would have NO excuse to forget the wedding. The reminder was in their face, daily.

Jun 8, 2009
9:34 PM
#6 Cherise :

I did magnets too, and they were beneficial, for the same reasons Tia mentioned…either way, I am sure they will be fabulous.

Jun 8, 2009
10:18 PM
#7 Tangy :

I did the magnets also and it tickles me to see them on my family members fridges a year later…

Jun 9, 2009
2:07 AM
#8 Kym :

I vote for magnets-I always save those!

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