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I have come to realize I make a major decision after few conversations and maybe (if I’m feeling nice) one date.  That decision, drum roll please, is if I even want to try to date them.  I ask myself:
 “Do I like his personality?”  Got to check this first and …

1 August 2008  April

Figuring It Out

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The hardest part of dating is getting use to the person you’re seeing.  We all have habits and traits that others dislike.  On top of learning regular stuff about them, you have to learn how to deal with the traits you do not like very much.  Trying to figure out …

29 July 2008  April

Comfort zone

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My new challenge with dating is finding my comfort zone. As we get to know each other better and figure out each others personalities the zone is being created. Though, I catch myself wondering if certain actions will make him feel uncomfortable or will be doing too much.

Some …

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