The Aftermath

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That evening, after work I called L to talk about everything. I felt very unhappy with the previous conversation, not just the topic and out but how we had it too. When I called, I told him this was his chance to express himself because I had laid everything on the line earlier that day. He told me, he did not expect the conversation earlier to go there after asking that question. After that he was quiet. I asked him was there anything else he had to say. He said a little more but still did not have much to say. Which made me more upset. I suggested we meet to exchange presents, since it was a week before Christmas, to officially end everything.

When we met, in a fast food restaurant, to exchange gifts he was visibly unhappy. He tried to be playful like we normally are, but I was not having it. I wanted him to talk to me or leave me alone. After a few minutes of stalling, he asked me was I happy with how things played out. I told him no, but I can not make something work with one side of the situation unknown. He told me he was unhappy with how things played out but did not offer any solution or open up. We left the parking lot and went our separate ways.

One thing I hate with a deep passion, my time being wasted. I feel he has been wasting my time. He is unsure about a relationship with me but has not said that. I gave him several chances. Even been hanging out in this gray area to give him time and still got nothing. That is more than enough signs that he is not ready and I need to move on!

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