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     The daily life of exclusively dating is fun.  I am enjoying his company and all that comes with being in a new relationship.  The cute text messages, long phone calls, quiet moments cuddling on the couch and sweet acts of kindness.  The amount of time we spend together is growing.  We are getting more comfortable with each other. 

     The getting to know you part was not fun, well for me, but once we got past that we have been moving forward.  Yes we hit some bumpy spots, but have learned to communicate more as a result of them. 

     We are trying to keep an open mind and have no major expectations.  No need to rush things right?  The plan is to let our relationship progress naturally.  So far so good with this.  Everyday is a new day, so we will see how it goes. 

     I am still dealing with a few internal things.  The major issue is getting use to dating again.  As you know I am coming from something a lot more serious.  I am working on enjoying the dating journey.  As we learn more about each other, I realize I am learning more about myself. 

     I still meet men who try to “holla”, but none sparked my interest.  L and I still have the open communication rule in place.  I love this because it keeps things out on the table.  Neither one of us has felt the need to go elsewhere.  This may or may not change.  For now it’s working.  For now I am just enjoying the journey.  

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