The Favor Fight

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No, we’re not really fighting about favors, but I can tell Mister Mr. is getting fed up with my ever-changing ideas for favors.
Our conversation went something like this…
Mister Mr.: First it was candy, then it was cookies, then it was BBQ sauce, then it was…”
Me: Okay. I have a wandering mind. Sue me.”
Well, with our theme being decided on as “Southern Chic/Comfort”, and us knowing (pretty confidently) that we’ll be serving upscale BBQ, I think we’ve narrowed down a cost-effective, memorable, ::tasty::, easy-to-DIY favor.
BBQ chicken “Love Rub”

^^^a little more fancy-schmancy than I’m imagining, but look at the darling mason jars filled with meat rub!

In essence, it’s simply a homemade BBQ meat rub in a jar for our guests to take home. Doyalike?

I’ve seen one bride do this and it’s what sparked my interest. We can easily label them with our monogram and put all of them in 1/2 pint mason jars. I think it’s cute and fits perfectly with the theme. Besides that, Mister Mr. is an AWESOME cook and is loving the idea of making the favors. Yeah, let him get 100 down and see how he feels, right?


So what do you think? And what will your favors be?




Ebonee Monique
Posted by eboneemonique   @   10 July 2009 0 comments

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