The Little Things

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The smallest things mean a lot to me. It is not hard to make me happy. People often think I’m just saying that because it’s what folks say, but I mean it. The same way small things can make me happy, they can make me upset. I have new dating pet peeves as a result.

#1 Do not disappoint me

If you say you are going to do something do it. It’s pretty simple. Words mean nothing without the action behind it! Examples of this are: If you say we are going on a date. Have a plan. Do not cancel over some bull either! I will look at you like you’re the bull you spoke.

#2 Do not do things at the last minute

This is connected to #1. Canceling or changing plans at the last minute bothers me! I understand when it’s an emergency, but when you just bs’ing then you need to get the hell on!

#3 Do not contact me everyday

In the early stages of dating (first few weeks) do not call or text me everyday. This will quickly be ignored or responded to extremely late. Not because I’m being a mean or playing games, but because I don’t want to talk to you everyday! I do not know you like that!

#4 Actions speak louder than words

This ties into #1. Show me that you like me as well as saying it! Instead of only talking about where you want us to go, lets go there! If you are all talk then I do need to waste my time on you!

I’m tired of being disappointed, men not respecting my time, ignoring call and hearing fake promises! So these are my new pet peeves… and rules!

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