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I have never been in a relationship with a man how has a kid before.  Having the other woman in his life, his child’s mother, is new to me.  My only view of this situation is my own relationship with my daughter’s father.  Many times I have been told it is “very friendly”. 

Now I am seeing it from the other side.  I realize how it can make your significant other feel.  It does raise questions in your head. 

Are being more than cordial? 

Is there are still feelings between them?  

Feelings from one of them to the other? 

What happens when you are not around? 

It has me wondering if I am comfortable with this?

I have done some thinking about it.  Considering my own situation I realize, I do not feel it’s fair to put every mother and father in the “parents who hate one another” box.  Do we have to be cordial to raise our kids?  No, but I feel it does make the situation easier on everyone.

A relationship it boils down to trust and communication.  We have to trust the one we are with.  We can not control the mother/father of their child’s actions or emotions.  Of course there are all type of stories where things go differently, but the “what if’s” can not dictate our lives. 

Oh, the joys of dating again!


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