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FI’s mom, who is all about us getting married, brought me three books to get me started. One of them was called Bridal Bargains. Thank goodness for that book.

That book helped me realize I wanted a ceremony and reception site that did not need a lot of decorating. So for the ceremony, I am looking at an outdoor conservatory.
The site

Here are pictures from a Halloween party held at the site.
Halloween Party at the site

Halloween Party at the site

Halloween Party at the site

Minus the ghosts, goblins and spider webs, I think that site is perfect for us.

Here are a couple of pictures from actual weddings.

In the spring and summer the flowers will provide the majority of the decor. I am envisioning something in the front and something on the end chairs. Not sure just what yet though. I like the idea of some sort of arch or canopy.

I would like my wedding to face the conservatory, and not the park, so we will see if that is an option. I still have not been out there (I know shame on me) so once I do, I will have a better idea of what I want and don’t want. If I have to keep that set up, I think it will need an aisle runner and something lining the walk way.

Writing this entry, I realized that they now have a package set up for the site, so I will check that out ASAP! Having a reception there would be good for me as well. Except for the whole eating outside thing. I am deathly afraid of bugs and will toss any food that gets anywhere near a bug. Can you imagine me talking to the coordinator about bug repellent in a garden? She better get ready because I WILL be the first person to ask about that!

If the reception can also be held at the site at a lower cost, I will be all about it. I will report back after my conversation with the site about it.

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