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So my BFF and I decide that we need some comfort food quick. As we are both not originally from the ATL we always look to venture out and try some new spot in the midst of an area that we would not normally frequent. Well, we come across this one soul food restaurant that Ive been told has the reputation of having a  line outside of the door everyday around noon. So, on Tuesday, we meet up at this little spot, which I will not name, and as we were told, the line was long and out the door. Happily we stood there waiting to be served. We slowly walk through the cafeteria style line and order our food. I chose the smothered pork chop,which is all I’ve been craving for the last week, so this was surely to hit the spot. My sides were mac n’ cheese, candid yams and cornbread. Umm ummm ummm my mouth was watering just waiting for me to sit down and partake in the oh so delicious looking meal. So my friend orders the meatloaf which also looked really tasty.

Ok, so I sit down, say my grace, and prepare to endulge in the scrumptiousness. First thing to be tested, the mac n cheese. I opened my little styrofoam box, placed my fork in the part that had the most cheese and what do I see. A long string of red and black hair from the young lady who, embedded in the serving of goodness. My heart dropped and my stomach ached.  I quietly walked back up to the window area to let the lady know that there was hair in my food. I tried to whisper as to be mindful that there were other customers in line and I didn’t want to seem as if I were causing a scene. So the lady ask me to step around the corner to another window, which I did. She then says “lemme see”. So I open the box to show her. She looks at it and says “well what do you want” I said I want a smothered pork chop. She then says, “lemme get something fresh out the back” So I agree. Im thinking to myself, YES fresh food from the cook herself!

 Well …urrr raaaa ummmm.  This heffa takes my box, uses her gloved hand, and scrapes the mac n’ cheese out of the section of the box and then closes the box. She then goes to the back and scoops a new batch of mac n’ cheese and puts it in a separate cup and hands it all back to me. I’m thinking to myself, this is some Bull *ish. How are you gonna just scrape the dirty stuff out and hand me the box back. Needless to say, that is one restaurant in the ATL that I will not visit again!

So, I had to go out yesterday to purchase what I needed to prepare my own smothered pork chops..LOL. Update with that recipe to come ASAP!

Posted by Candra   @   12 February 2009 2 comments

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Feb 14, 2009
3:42 PM
#1 Apearl :

WWOOOWWW That’s nasty! I need you to tell me the name so I can make sure I don’t go there!

Feb 15, 2009
11:26 PM
#2 Dricka :

OH HECKY NAW! You should have raised all kinds H-E- Double Hockey Sticks!!!

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