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I’m scared of titles. Like hyperventilate, shakes, hives and the whole nine scared! This is nothing new. I have been this way since I got out of high school. I have been trying to figure out why the last few weeks.

One reason is because I have heard “My boyfriend” way too many times. It seems like nothing to me. Like another saying used way to many times, that has lost it’s meaning. I am aware that bf/gf is a stepping stone to more. I just don’t like it. Simple as that.

Another reason is because I do not like feeling limited. I am a natural rebel. If everyone goes right I go left. I don’t like following rules. Never have. As soon as I’m titled, I get the rebel itch. And I flee. Like the gun went off at the beginning of a track race!

I know you’re laughing but I’m serious. I have a tendency to do my own thing. Titles is not my thing. As long as we know what we are, then I’m happy. No hyperventilating,

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Oct 3, 2008
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