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This past week has been absolutely bonkers. Yesterday I was preparing to leave for clinicals and saw that my tire was almost flat. Well on further inspection, there was a huge hole in the side of my tire. I look even closer and notice that the tire is cracked all the way around. So I know what you are thinking, “who has slashed this girls tires?” Well all of my tires were cracking around the side! I just had my scheduled maintenance check for my car where they were suppose to rotate, inspect, and balance all of my tires. The verdict after taking it to Bridgestone, my tires are dry rotting! I just bought this car brand spanking new and the tires are dry rotting! Needless to say, I wasn’t happy especially since they were supposed to inspect them and check for this. I have been dreading ever having to get new tires put on my car because I was told they would cost a pretty penny if I ever needed them. This was not an expense that I wanted to have so close to the wedding. And to top it all off I have a instructor who has decided to make my life miserable and just plain giving me a headache.

Fast forward to today. So I go to Volkswagen and bless everybody out there. I get a free oil change out of it all. Works for me because my oil changes are way too expensive and to get a free one is a blessing. Next, Bridgestone offers to give me all new tires. I only had to pay for the warranty. Works for me because I believe in getting a warranty for everything (whether I probably will need it or not).

I was also able to get tons of wedding stuff done. This morining I met with the coordinator at the church for the ceremony. Since I’m not a member of the church I do not get to see the inside often, but being there is so exciting because I know it is where I am going to marry Mr. Chocolate Chip. I also paid the fee for the church in full. Check 1.

Next we met with the assistant pastor at our church and had an awesome counseling session. Ladies out there who aren’t engaged yet, I strongly encourage you to seek counseling before engagement. If you have been dating a guy for a while and the relationship seems like it is going to head the way towards marriage, get some relationship counseling. There is so much that you can learn about yourself and your mate in counseling that would have never revealed itself. Check 2.

The most productive meeting of the day was a session with my DOC and the coordinator at the reception site. We went over the final floor plan, finalized the menu, got some details out of the way, and did some table mock ups. Sadly I forgot my camera, but I’m really glad to finally see all of my ideas off of my dining room table and in reality. Check 3 (really this is like ten checks rolled into one)

Last but not least, was a meeting with the choir. One thing that I really wanted was live music and for the ceremony to have a feeling of a really good Sunday church service. I knew that having a live choir was going to really give everything the feeling that I wanted. So meeting with We Are Fully Committed choir just made my day. They will have live instrumentals and ten member ensemble to sing at our wedding. They sound absolutely awesome and would make Kirk Franklin very proud. Check 4.

So what was a very hectic week is shaping out very nicely. Thank God it’s the end of the week because I don’t think I can take anymore.

Posted by Latasha   @   19 August 2008 4 comments

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Aug 20, 2008
1:44 PM
#1 Tangy :

Wow – you really had a productive day. That choir is going to be awesome!!

Aug 20, 2008
6:59 PM
#2 Candra :

My goodness..Did you some how receive few extra hours in your day outside of the 24 everyone else is given…lol

Aug 20, 2008
9:52 PM
#3 Latasha :

Looking back, it was a lot in one day. I just start early and keep it rolling. I usually only have one week day each week to get things done, so I make them count.

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