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I’m sitting here updating my blog while I’m soaking my feet. I’ve been rough on my feet for the past couple of weeks by wearing heels to work everyday. I guess I’m finally accepting the fact that I can’t wear high heels like I used to. I can’t let them go just yet. Let me have one more good summer with them. I promise to wear gym shoes in my down time. I’m starting to feel old now. *sigh*

Oh my goodness. It HAD to be 100 degrees in my classroom today. My students were dying. We had to sit in another teachers class all day. I mean, it’s so messed up that all the classrooms in my wing have great air but I have none. I got a bad deal. At least there are only 4 more days of school left. WOO HOO! It’s time for a break. Ah well, on to wedding stuff!
I had a “Drive-by” cake tasting today.
The bakery had some cake samples for me to take home to share with Jay. The package had six cake flavors in it: French vanilla, cherry, lemon, almond, chocolate, and banana. I liked lemon and cherry the best. They are the most affordable bakery I’ve come across and the owner is very nice. When Jay gets off of work he’s going to sample the cakes and give me his opinion. If he likes it, we’ll set up an appointment tomorrow to go over cake options and costs. I’m so excited!
I bought some votive holders. I showed them to one of my cousins and she told me she didn’t like them. She doesn’t like votive holders period. She was trying to be creative at her graduation party and used candles with just the metal holder. She put them on the tablecloths and she burnt them. It was a mess. She gets the DA award of the month, lol. This is the votive style I bought.

I bought the clear ones. Here are mine:
My decorator had some, but I didn’t like hers and I’m a little upset that she tried to used them for my centerpieces. They were really old and plastic. She needs to throw them out.

She asked me if she could have my vases, so hopefully she’ll take the holders off my hands after the wedding as well. If she does this, I might get my whole reception decorated for FREE! I got such a great deal with her and she’s great as what she does. She’s not charging me anything for my centerpieces because she wants my vases. All I have to pay for is the head table, cake table and candy table. She said she could drape the ceiling too, but I didn’t get a price from her on that. It’s either going to be her or this other vendor. I’ve seen his draping but I haven’t seen hers yet.
I went to CVS today after work to get my Daddy a Father’s Day card and I came across these bridal shower invitations:

It’s an adorable shower invite. I was thinking of DIYing the invites, but I have a feeling I’m not going to want to do them. I have a lot of DIY projects already and I just added another one today that is sure to be time consuming. I’ll see how I feel when the time rolls around. I don’t even know my bridal shower colors yet. I only bought one pack of these, so it didn’t hurt my pockets :)

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Aug 5, 2008
5:59 PM
#1 Melissa :


If you could only send cake through internet, boy we would be in business. (lol) they look very tastey. Loving the bridal shower cards also.

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