Trouble, Tastings, and Tuxes…OH MY!

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Today was a busy day for us. First, we had an appointment to look at a townhouse. I LOVED it. It was very spacious and it was very reasonably priced. Jay, on the other hand has his mind on this other place we looked at a few weeks ago. It’s much smaller and it’s more expensive. I have been trying to talk him out of it and I was hoping that our appointment today would seal the deal, but it just reminded him of how much he loved the other place. In my opinion, he only likes the other place because it’s downtown, and it has everything in one place (shops, workout center, dry cleaners, you name it) in this facility that we don’t have to leave the grounds for anything. I mean it’s a beautiful place to live with a beautiful view, but that’s not what I had in mind when we began looking for places. He thinks everything is all set. I’ll have to sit down with him soon and have a nice long talk before he leaves for his training. We are planning on moving at the end of August so we don’t have much time left.

So after we went to look at the home, we had our food tasting. I think this was the best part of our wedding planning so far! We chose our menu for the cocktail hour and we chose our main dish for dinner. The food was SO good! I just know our guests will be pleased with the music. I love our reception venue, but the only thing I’m not feeling are the chairs. They are big, and over sized. I ordered chair covers back when we were using a different venue. Now the chairs are like 4 times bigger and our chair covers just won’t work now. The chairs are nice, but they don’t quite fit into my wedding vision. I REALLY wish I would’ve budgeted some money for chivari chairs…

The tuxes was our last wedding related thing to do today. I thought we had this planned out so well. Jay scheduled to have this day off weeks in advance. He was supposed to tell his GM WEEKS ago about the fitting so everyone could make the proper arrangements. He wanted me to go, so I scheduled to have the day off. In all, we are supposed to have 12 men fitted for tuxes, this includes the fathers and ushers. Do you know how many showed up today? 5! Jay told me that he started calling all his people this week for the tux fitting. He was supposed to tell them a week or two ago. I was a little upset at first, because I was hoping to knock this out in one day. From there it got worse. So, we had an appointment with MWTux. We arrive and they told us that they didn’t have us down for an appointment for today. WTF? I guess the man who took my call didn;t out us down in the book. So, by this point I’m pissed, but I’m trying not to show it. He says he can take us anyway so we sit down and he takes all of our info down. Then whole we are filling out paperwork, this dude says “Man, I wish I was at the bar right now! I need me a drink! I was at the bar all last night! Hell, I still have a hangover.”

Who says that!? I mean, for real? Jay just laughed it off and I kept my eyes glued to the paperwork. Then he throws some vests and ties at me and says, “Here. These are the colors we have. Pick one.” Wow, this dude was so rude! Anyway, I’m now giving him the evil eye for throwing the vests and ties at me, but I look at the colors and they didn’t have the shade of pink that would match the BM dresses. So I ask him about the color, and he says that he doesn’t have that color available to rent. Now I’m disgusted. See, I thought I had this planned out so well. I work at David’s part time, so I would always ask the MW Tux rep at our store if they have a pink to match my girls pearl pink dress and she would always tell me that MWTux has a vest color for every David’s BM dress color. This pink was very bright and it didn’t match at all. Then he told me that the best thing would be for me to put the guys in silver vests. Our colors are pink, black and white. Silver is just an accent color. It would look odd for the girls to be in pink and the guys be in silver. So, while the guy is entering our information in the computer, he’s dozing off. I’m about ready to give up at this point. I got up to tell the other GM that I was sorry about the delay. When I came back, he asks for every body’s deposits and I ask him if we are getting ready to do a fitting. He says, “We don’t do fittings.” WOW. How do you know if they will fit??? Jay started getting upset at this point. So, something just told be to leave and go to President Tuxedo. We told the consultant that we needed to think about this purchase and that we would be back a little later, Do you know what he did? He ripped up our paperwork. This dud was straight tripping and I didn’t yell or get loud or anything. He was very rude to us.

So anyway, we went to President Tuxedo and thank goodness they had the right color pink to match the BM dresses. The girl we worked with was very nice and professional as well. Jay, my Dad, and 2 of the other GM got fitted for their tuxes and we picked out everything. It was such a blessing! The only other thing we weren’t prepared for was that all of the guys had to pay 50% of the tux rental fee up front. Luckily, all the guys had no problems with this and two even paid for their Tux in full. I was so happy because when I thought we were going with MW Tux, the guys were required to only pay a $20.00 deposit.

I can’t believe how this went today. I thought I was so prepared with these tuxes. I should have looked around more, but I swore by MW Tux because I work for their affiliate. I’ll never go there again for a Tux, at least not to that location. I’m just so happy that it’s over! Now we have to get the rest of the guys in to be fitted for their tuxes.

I think I’m going to Jay handle the rest for this task. I still need to get my girls all squared away. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful bridesmaids. I haven’t had any trouble with them so far. I’m hoping it stays that way. Less stress for me.

Well, I’m going to start working on my programs tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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