Turn a tough cheap steak to a tender grilled classic!

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I know I know…

Its been forever and im so behind in updating with new recipes, tips, suggestions, however…I promise that im going to be back on my game.

Ok so here goes. The weather is starting to break,  its warming up nicely outside. So whats a girl to do??? GRILL!!! I absolutely love cooking on my grill. Im one of those people who will stand outside with bomber jacker and snow boots cooking on my grill if I feel like it.

So today is Easter its nice out, im all prepared to cook on the grill and DH wants a steak. Well I didnt buy steak. So I run out to the store, of course everyone is grilling today so the only thing left were some of those tough as the leather belt yo momma beat you with when you were 10 years old steaks. Well I bought them anyway.

I did a little online investigating and soul searching…LOL, and guess what….boy were they tender!!! So now you give it a try. The solution is easy as heck and it saves you a few dollars by not having to always purchase those expensive steaks.

Needed Ingredients

1. Steak

2. Sea Salt or Kosher Salt (table salt will NOT work)

Wash your steaks and then pat them dry. Cover both sides of your steak with the sea salt. ( now im talking cover them like your blood pressure is rising just looking at all the salt)

Allow the steaks to sit there in the salt covering for about 30min – 1 hour. For thicker steaks, go with the 1 hour.  After the steaks have sat coated in the salt, rinse them off and dry the steaks with paper towels. ( try to remove as much of the water as possible)

Now grill…

Yep. Just like I told you…cheap steaks, now tender.

No need to add any additional salt while grilling because salt has soaked in from earlier. I added a mixture of garlic and pepper that I sprinkled on the top. Now, I no longer eat beef but I had to make sure that this thing worked so I did try a small piece. Now my stomach hurts like crazy right now, but that was a darn good piece of steak.

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Author Dec 28, 2009
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Don’t send me off here… I’m about to try this tonight! I’ll report back with my findings!
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