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So I was utterly bored the other day and decided to drive out to our ceremony/reception venue so that I could figure some logistics out in my head. Being at our venue is just so peaceful, to me, so I love the time I spend there! Unfortunately, I didn’t call them to open the place, so only have outside pictures, which is fine by me seeing how I remember the inside pretty well.
I cannot WAIT until we put our own touches on it and are looking our wedding date in the face!
Here are some (well, a lot) of pics!

Driving into the venue (love the scenery)


                                They cut the grass for me! :) So beautiful.

I love the steps. I can picture socializing and fun times here!

I adore the wrap around porch. This is where the bridal party will begin their walk down the aisle.

More porch love!
The walk down the aisle. So country chic!
I’m thinking my walk down the aisle will start at the center of the wrap-around porch and me and pops will walk around 1/2 of the porch and then down the same path that the bridal party did. I want to take in every moment! :)
We’ll be married underneath this gorgeous gazebo-type thing!

Can’t you imagine some fun pictures here?

How cool is it that they have a secret entrance for the Bride, which leads directly to the bridal dressing room?



Ebonee Monique


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Jul 12, 2009
10:31 PM
#1 Cherise :

It’s beautiful, love it.

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