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Divas, Divas, Divas, the day has finally come…We now have something we can call our own… A place where the community of brown brides, wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and family can come together to lift each other up…. to build something powerful, resourceful, and oh so FIERCE.

When I first started planning my wedding, so many things shocked me…These are my thoughts from the moment Michael (my husband) started bending his knee…

  1. “Dude, are you seriously on your knee asking me to marry you… WHAT?!!!
  2. What’s that shiny thing in the box, homie?
  3. I have to plan a who? A what? A WEDDING? Oh my!!!
  4. A wedding cake costs what?? Is there gold in it?
  5. They have whole sites dedicated to brides and their needs? HUH?!
  6. Heyyy! None of these girls look like me, act like me, or feel like me…

I could go on and on… I felt all these things but I needed some place to be with other women who were going through these challenges with me… Planning a wedding, raising a family, managing a career, paying 4 dollars a gallon for gas! You know, dealing with life, real life

I found some awesome places and met some awesome women, but nothing quite fit … Some sites were not fun enough, some were not fly enough and frankly, a lot of them were just not real enough… I wanted to go to a place and be with my sistas but not be judged. I mean, so what if I wanted the 7 dollar a slice cake and the superfly yet super economical, 14 dollar shoes at my wedding.

I needed a place to go giggle about the silliness of an RSVP card returned with 7 extra unknown folks added (even though only 2 seats are reserved.)

A place where we could guide each other through the crazy world of wifedom…

A place to talk honestly about the trials and triumphs of motherhood…

A place to heal from our tragedies and learn from our mistakes…

A place where we would all accept, respect, and uplift each other without cliques, haters, or nonsense…

Well, I didn’t find it, and to be honest I don’t know if it can be done…There are bound to be things about my idea of a wedding that make other BAB’s gag, and vice versa, LOL. If I want to walk down the aisle to “Whoomp, There It Is” that’s my business… But that doesn’t mean that my wedding is any less fabulous than yours. Its just different and that is just fine! I want us to honor and accept our differences, not use them to further separate ourselves even more. I want us to come together and help each other, peacefully and honestly….

There is an age old stereotype that women, especially brown women, can’t get along, help each other, and be a healthy, happy community…

I like to prove people wrong. Don’t you?

I, my sistas, am so, so anxious to try.

I built this website for all of my sistas… African American Women, Latina Women, South Asian Women, Asian Women, White Women, Phat Women, Skinny Women, Gay Women, Straight Women, any combo of the above Women….For every woman cause we are all soo Fierce and sooo Fabulous even if we forget sometimes…..

We are women, HEAR US ROAR!!!

We are the ones who will mold the leaders of tomorrow and today. We are the ones who will have to figure out this mess that our world is in right now…

I know you are like, “umm I just wanted to look at pictures of candy buffets…” LOL! I know, I know, the main focus is wedding planning and advice. But a wedding begins a marriage, a marriage begins a family, a family begins a community, and a community can change the world…

So let’s complain about bridal parties, rejoice over fierce DIY invites, and agonize over the perfect shade of pink….But let us never forget that all that wedding stuff is just stuff… The important thing is the relationships we build and create along the way…

I hope this site makes it easier to create more meaningful relationships with other women, no matter where you are in your life…Single, Engaged, Married, Divorced. I hope it enriches your real life relationships with all people…

I hope it empowers you to do something outrageously fabulous and unexpected whenever the hell you want too…Uhh, Why? Because you can!!

This is my outrageously fabulous unexpected moment! I wanted this for all of us, so I just did it…

Let’s connect, chat, and most importantly, let’s commune… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my baby… I hope you will help me raise her into the DIVA I know she can be…

I give you www.brownandbridal.com… Enjoy…

Posted by thehdic   @   10 June 2008 9 comments

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Jun 12, 2008
2:22 AM
#1 Rahael :

Thank you Senam!

I was seriously getting sick and tired of looking for a brown knottie of the week!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jun 16, 2008
12:17 AM
#2 Eve :

Senam, you are the biz-omb! This is so great what you have done.

Jun 1, 2009
6:49 AM

Lol, lmao about the wedding cake being made of gold!! So true!!

Oct 4, 2009
2:58 AM
#4 Groom :

Thank you for your site. I will send my friends.

Oct 12, 2009
4:07 PM

Hi There,

I saw you blogged about on “Always a Blogsmaid” and I fell in love with your line about opening it for all your sistas:) This Jewish sista (whose best friend, Dedra, is African American) gets pissed off that the major favor sites don’t cater to minorities. Not that I have the answer with my new favor site, divaentertains.com, but if I could find high end favors expressly catering to minorities I would love to add those favors to my site. Please guide me to some if you know of any.

Anyway…I would love it if you would visit my site and see if you feel it is worthy to blog about. My goal with the site (I’m actually an Website Usability/SEO consultant specializing in small to med. businesses – the favor site is my hobby/passion because I LOVE to entertain) is to offer elegant, custom favors that, for the most part, aren’t offered elsewhere.

In return I gladly add you to my “Blogs We Like” Section”. http://www.divaentertains.com/entertaining-ideas.html. Now in truth – I just thought of this this morning so it is, as of yet, unpopulated. I hope in the next couple of weeks I start adding them. If you send me a pick I’ll put it above your link text.

BTW – these particular favors, under my Beauty Favors section, are made by an African American and her favors are absolutely stunning! They are: satin body cream, sugar scrub, roll on perfume, rice and shea body lotion, essence spray and body oil. And her packages arrive beautifully packed (everyone always comments on this).

Thanks for reading this long post:)

Debra Rosenberg

Sep 17, 2013
6:38 PM

Yesterday, while I was aat work, my sisrer stol my iphone and tested to
see if it can survive a hirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off
topic bbut I had too share it with someone!

Sep 23, 2013
5:24 AM
#7 Zandra :

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Dec 6, 2013
6:17 AM
#9 Heath :

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