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In wedding related news, Jay liked the cake! His favorite flavor was the cherry, so that’s the flavor we will probably end up going with ( he liked it, I liked it, and my Mom liked it) unless I can get a tier of lemon (it was soooooo good!) I set up a consultation with the bakery owner for Thursday. I’m so happy we are finally close to booking our cake vendor. We have been looking for an affordable cake for MONTHS. And get this…it gets better. FMIL is buying the cake for us! YAY! That’s such a blessing! I also scheduled a food tasting with our reception venue AND changed the date for the tuxedo appointment for Jay. While me and my Daddy were out on our outing I bought some things from Michael’s with my 50% coupon. A nice Knottie sent an Internet coupon for 50% off one item and I printed out 10 of those bad boys. I’m going there every day this week.

3 tubes of pink paint and three tubes of black paint, They were on sale for $1.00. This should be more than enough for what I’m trying to do. I used my coupon in the brush set. I got the set for $4.00

I figured I would just buy a set instead on just one brush. This set has all the sizes I need for my letters.
I went to Walmart next. I bought another ring bearer pillow. I don’t know what’s up with me, but I guess I’m getting particular about matching things. I bought this pillow when I thought I was having a Tiffany theme wedding:

I don’t think I like it anymore so I bought this one . It matches the flowergirl baskets :)



Today I was looking through my wedding stuff and I came across my Unity Candle set. I totally forgot I had it.

I’m only putting a pic up so I don’t forget about it again, lol. This was my very first wedding purchase.

My Mom bought us some toasting flutes and a serving set a while back. I almost forgot about these too!

I like it. Very pretty and they were 40 % off!

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