Where do I go from here?

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Now that I find myself single again.  I am trying to figure out where to go from here.  I am not the type to try to holla.  I normally just weigh through what tries to talk to me. 

Then there is the whole marital status situation.  I have to check the separated or divorce box now.  Boy do I hate that!  I will have to explain it and answer questions.  On top of all the other getting to know someone stuff!

I am a serial monogamist.  I like to deal with one and only one person.  I know, some may think it’s lame, but that’s me.  I don’t date more than one person well.  I am not good at juggling men, mommy duties, work and everyday duties. 

So that leaves me between a rock and a hard place.  Do I go out and have fun?  Chill out and see where it leads?  Do I take a chance on all opportunities (men) that come my way?  Well, at least the ones  that fit my requirements.  Do I stick to the dating one man idea?

After leaving a serious relationship, I’m not sure if I can deal with any type of bull ish.  I normally don’t, but now I really can’t!  I try to avoid drama at all cost.  Which worked out well for me in the past right!  HA! 

Sadly, now I am bringing my own level of “drama” to the table.  I must admit, if I were ever approached by someone who was separated, I would not entertain them.  Which makes me a hypocrite. 


I am excited to see what is out there.  I am 100% sure there is a great man out there for me!  Finding him is going to be the hard work!

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