Who Loves You Babbie?

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Ugh! I feel so bad. I have been neglecting my blogging responsibilities. BUT, I’ll be back up and running soon! Fashion and Beauty BABBIE will not let you gals down! :: insert superhero music here ::

I’m 11 days away from the big day, so before I go, I just wanted to peek in and give you all a heads up.

Wedding planning for the most part had been such a smooth ride for me. Then, time drew nearer and monkey wrenches went flying all over the place.

Like it does for most brides, emotions, stress and chaos came into play and left ZERO time for me and my “extracurricular” activities. For that, I want to apologize. It really took me away from this exciting venture.

To make it up to my BABBIES, upon my return, I will be adding a new installation to my blog:

“FAB BAB Giveaways” will be in effect! Every once in awhile, I will be giving away beauty or fashion prizes based on trivia, or in conjunction with whatever the current blog will be about. This will give you ladies an opportunity to come away with more than just fashion/beauty advice!

I’m really looking forward to starting fresh with this blog and I hope you gals are stoked too!

Fashionably Yours,


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