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They say every girl has her dream wedding planned. Well I guess I am not your average girl.

I always wanted to get married, but never imagined the dress or the decor. Frankly all that picking table cloths and chair sashes never crossed my mind, and still doesn’t. I guess I am just a simple kinda girl. All of that is nice if you have the money, but for me, it is not a necessity

It is funny because I never imagined this much thought would go into every detail of a wedding. But not knowing anything about weddings (more than being a flower girl… toss and smile, toss and smile) I hit the Internet on where to start. Instantly I was bombarded with thoughts and ideas I have never imagined or could never afford — dang Internet.

I was talking to FI about the wedding and everything I read online and he asked me why do we need all that. I thought about it, and I told him because I wanted it to be an elegant event. His response: “But we aren’t elegant!” My initial response was to go off! And I did. But I thought about it, and in a sense, a very very small sense he was right (I will type that but NEVA admit it out loud)!

If I never paid any attention to it at a wedding before, why at mine. Now am I saying we are going to have plastic table cloths and a bunch of plastic and metal chairs that don’t match, NO of course not. But I am not going to put a focus (and a bunch of money) into something I have never paid much attention to.

So my motto, as long as it looks nice… I’m all for it.

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