Breaking Point

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Last Thursday was just one of those days. I felt like “I am really not compatible with my BF.” He says and does things that are completely ANNOYING. He tells me I am a priority, but sometimes does not put in the effort. Being in this LDR is hard for me. I find myself envying the time he spends with his friends and family because I can’t be there.

I know it’s silly. I can’t help it (sometimes). Anyhoo, last week I had one of those relationship moments. You know the kind where you don’t feel like he is working as hard as you are, for the good of your relationship. I was not happy so I prayed about it–asking God for guidance. Finally, it all just came rattling out.

I had to let BF know that his words were not matching up with his actions. I admit: I had the urge to call it quits. I did not believe he understood where I was coming from, at all. Before, I assumed he had to know; I was not feeling like my thoughts mattered, when it came to him asking for my advice on achieving his goals. So I let everything ride. I should have known better.

Once we discussed what issues we both had, I realized that I really needed to be completely open with him. I can’t just allow my problems with things that he does, to go unresolved. I had rationalized not having any conversations because I felt our business was not kept between us. It used to be BF would talk to his twin and I know that what gets said will get told to his mother, aunt and grandmother. It bothered me. I know I still need to work on that…

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