Bye ’09 Wedding

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So its official.

I am no longer a 2009 bride. I know people I talk with often are happy I have finally made a decision, because it has been weighing on me for a while. However, I don’t know if I am still 100% OK with it. I still feel like the reasons I have for pushing it back are selfish.

For those who don’t know, FI and I live in two separate cities, about 80 miles apart. He was going to move to where I am, but with the horrible economy and current cut backs at my job, it didn’t seem like a smart move.

FI was fine with a long-distance marriage until we got in the same city, but for me, nothing about it seemed smart. I was afraid to talk to him about just officially pushing it back and instead, left it up in the air. But with six months to go, I finally had to say something. Even if we miraculously got in the same city, six months is not a lot of time to plan. Plus, there are a couple of people who needed to book flights and travel accommodations, and it was unfair to keep waiting. Plus neither of us saved like we were supposed to, so financially, it would have been difficult.

But I just feel like he is okay with going to the courthouse and having something with just us and just having me be his wife, and I just don’t want to “do it just to do it.” The plan is to only do this once, so I don’t want to look back and wish, or hold 50-11 more renewals to make up for the one I didn’t have.

So in the end, I hope this is the first and only time the wedding gets pushed back. And now I have more time to prepare, plan and save. Hopefully FI will be okay with me being selfish or maybe my feelings about the situation will change. Either way it goes, bye July 26, it was fun while it lasted.

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