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Im Backkkkk!

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Ok so as you can see from the date of my last post I have NOT been on my cooking game.
Between pregnancy, bedrest, hospital stays and now a little one who demands ALL the attention in the house, trying new recipes was just not on the top of my list.
Well …

17 October 2010  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lasagna Soup…umm ummm good!!!

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“Ohhh the weather outside is frightful…” OK so maybe I cant really sing, but I can cook. I also can take a recipe and change it to reflect exactly what my family enjoys.
A few years ago I found a recipe for Lasagna soup in one of those recipe books that you …

17 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lets Drink!!!!

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With the holidays fastly approaching, I know there are going to be several parties that we attend, and a few nights that im irritated with hubby being able to have a few drinks and me having to say “I’ll just have a glass of water”. Well after watching a recent episode …

4 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

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I found this recipe online, after the hubby requested Ginger Chicken for dinner.
I gave it a shot, lets just say…ill definitely need to tweak this just a bit.
The flavor was great, however I used boneless skinless breast which I cut into chucnks 1st verses chicken parts (legs, brast, etc).
So after …

20 July 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES


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The weather is starting to warm up and there is nothing I like better on a warm day, than a cool drink.
One of my favorite beverages is a smoothie. Going to the local smoothie shop can be very expensive. So in order to feed my addiction daily, Ive started making …

Turn a tough cheap steak to a tender grilled classic!

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I know I know…
Its been forever and im so behind in updating with new recipes, tips, suggestions, however…I promise that im going to be back on my game.
Ok so here goes. The weather is starting to break,  its warming up nicely outside. So whats a girl to do??? GRILL!!! I …

13 April 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Day 2: Bourbon Chicken

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You walk through the mall on a Saturday afternoon and someone stops you near the food court
“Would you like a sample of Bourbon Chicken”?
Yes, of course I would…then I proceed to walk by that same sample man again 2 or 3 times till Ive had enough that there is …

22 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Day 1: Mini Meatloaves and Fried Cabbage

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I just wasn’t in the mood for that big hunk of beef. Well let me start over cause that wasn’t going in the direction that I was looking for.
I didn’t want to bother with that big loaf of ground beef. OK much better. As I promised in my last entry, I …

15 December 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lets Try Something New

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So were tired of eating the same thing over and ever again. Isnt everyone??? Well, I decided to do something about it. Ive taken on the task of creating a new dish ever night this week. Basically, ill be trying new recipes and just overhauling others.
Each day ill post a …

13 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Hot Chocolate with a Kick

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Ohhh the weather outside of frightful….
So maybe im not that good at singing, however I am good at finding something tasty and easy to whip up in the kitchen. I really dont like the cold weather this time of the year, however nothing beats coming in when its cold outside…curling …

2 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

My Rotisserie…”set it and forget it”

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Hello my name is Candra and Im a kitchen gadget junkie.
Whew…ok. Ive admitted my problem.  Whenever new gadgets come out, I begin to stalk my local Big Lots Store or As seen on TV store and I indulge in my weakness. There is just something about how easy they make things seem on …

20 October 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Clear out your freezer

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Every now and then I get in a mood where I just want to go through the items in my freezer and clear them out. Now this only happens during a time when I’m home bored and the freezer if full of items that I like to call “partial meal …

13 October 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Sumthin Sweet – Bread Pudding w/ Butter Rum Sauce

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Sweets are a definite weakness of mine. I love baked goods, cream pies, fruit pies, pastries, ummm just about anything sweet that you can come up with. Whenever my friends and /or family travels and we see a local bakery, im the one who says ” We need to check …

19 September 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES

Crock Pot Recipe #1: Beef Ribs

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I so heart my crock pot. I use it all the time. Most beef dishes in my home are cooked in my crockpot, except for a few things here and there. Its so simple to use and for those of you who work all day or go to school (like I do), …

9 September 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

My 2nd Challenge- Chicken n’ Rice

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Challenge #2 was from JoVonn  asking how to spice up chicken and rice. I normally make what I called Chow Down chicken which is basically a chicken and rice dish that is SUPER easy.  Ive made this so many times on days that I forgot to take something out or need …

29 August 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES

My 1st Challenge

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Of course my 1st Challenge came from who else, but the food porn star herself ,TheHDIC.  She challenged me to put a twist on lasagna. Initially I was stumped by this. Reason being, I have 2 kids and a picky husband, so I knew whatever I did to the lasagna, …

18 August 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

You tell me

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This week I’ve decided to take a small challenge and switch things up a bit.

You tell me what to cook!!!
I’m asking you all to submit to me  a suggested main course dish, side dish, dessert or appetizer. There’s no need to submit an actual recipe, as I will create my own …

11 August 2008  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Umm Umm Good

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Ok, so I get frustrated trying to think of new dishes, easy dishes. (Those of you who know me…..know that its a MUST that the dish be an easy fix) Anyway, I created a Chicken Teriyaki dish, that was super easy and turned out great. As usual, I worked with …

31 July 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Comfort Me Food

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After having a big argument with DH, I decided the 1 thing that could cheer me up, was having some good ole comfort food.
I must admit, I am by far one of the greediest people that I Just about every situation, puts me in the mood to eat…..bad hair day, …

23 July 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Smoked Sausage Casserole

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This recipe is definitely easy enough for a Monday.
My week always tends to start a little slow. The weekend goes by so fast and then monday rolls around. 9 times out of 10,  I usually forget to take something out of the freezer the night before so dinner has to be something easy. I …

15 July 2008  Candra
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