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Finding my one true place

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Anyone else watch Lilo and Stitch? I love the movies and the cartoon, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately, up wondering about my own personal situations. Right now I kinda fell like Stitch and one of his “cousins” trying to figure out my one …


My broom… revamped

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In doing all this wedding stuff, I have realized I really like crafts! Ever since I reordered some wedding stuff, I have been all about getting this stuff done – even with no official date set!
I also think that with all of the uncertainty in my life right now, …


Taking a new approach

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This time around, I am going to take a new approach to wedding planning.  It is not that I wasn’t excited before, but this time there will be no delays.  I am claiming it.
I want to wait for a new job, but I can’t wait forever.  At some point I …


Respond to me dang-it!

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As much as I love the look and price of the venue we are considering, they are HORRIBLE at communicating and getting back with you.  For an off-site ceremony at the conservatory you have to deal with the director.  Cool right?  Not so much.  She continues to e-mail be back …

24 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES

The site

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FI’s mom, who is all about us getting married, brought me three books to get me started. One of them was called Bridal Bargains. Thank goodness for that book.
That book helped me realize I wanted a ceremony and reception site that did not need a lot of decorating. So for …

18 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Career VS. Relationship

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In moving back the date of the wedding, it seems I kept running into the same scenario. Us getting in the same city.
Having a long-distance relationship has had its benefits, such as helping us communicate, wanting to spend more time together, giving us the opportunity to miss each other. …

9 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES

Bye ’09 Wedding

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So its official.
I am no longer a 2009 bride. I know people I talk with often are happy I have finally made a decision, because it has been weighing on me for a while. However, I don’t know if I am still 100% OK with it. I …

4 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Simple visions

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They say every girl has her dream wedding planned. Well I guess I am not your average girl.
I always wanted to get married, but never imagined the dress or the decor. Frankly all that picking table cloths and chair sashes never crossed my mind, and still doesn’t. I …

29 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Its been a year!

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I can’t believe it, it has been almost a year since FI proposed to me! New Years 2008 he was on one knee putting the ring on the wrong finger! He was soooo nervous.
This year has flown by and changed my life tremendously. I have heard and …

6 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized
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