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Lasagna Soup…umm ummm good!!!

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“Ohhh the weather outside is frightful…” OK so maybe I cant really sing, but I can cook. I also can take a recipe and change it to reflect exactly what my family enjoys.
A few years ago I found a recipe for Lasagna soup in one of those recipe books that you …

17 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Lets Drink!!!!

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With the holidays fastly approaching, I know there are going to be several parties that we attend, and a few nights that im irritated with hubby being able to have a few drinks and me having to say “I’ll just have a glass of water”. Well after watching a recent episode …

4 December 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Hello and things like that…

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Well, hello. This is weird saying “hello” to ladies I’ve gotten to know on BAB, but…eh…this is how it must go, I suppose. (*Thanks Senam!)
Okay. Let me hype myself up about this fantabulous introduction.
::blasts Kriss Kross “I missed the bus”::
That’s better. For some reason, I always feel hype after listening …


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Let’s be frank… I’m pretty fierce… and fabulous… and fly…

I mean its just what I do…

That along with being a shining example of humility and using way too many ellipses… Tee hee…

Anyway, In order to step up my divaosity game, I love seeking out items that offer fabulous flair in …

25 May 2009  Uncategorized


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The weather is starting to warm up and there is nothing I like better on a warm day, than a cool drink.
One of my favorite beverages is a smoothie. Going to the local smoothie shop can be very expensive. So in order to feed my addiction daily, Ive started making …

Throwback Tuesday! Aha… Ahaa… So So def!

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You know it is every little brown girls dream to find the man of her little chocolate dreams,  Have him take her on a classy dream date around the town,( Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuts here we come)! then only to have the night culminating in him slowly taking her hand as …

Turn a tough cheap steak to a tender grilled classic!

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I know I know…
Its been forever and im so behind in updating with new recipes, tips, suggestions, however…I promise that im going to be back on my game.
Ok so here goes. The weather is starting to break,  its warming up nicely outside. So whats a girl to do??? GRILL!!! I …

13 April 2009  Candra,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Instant Messaging a new way of dating?

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“Can I have your phone number?” is going out the window. “Do you use Yahoo / AOL instant messenger?” “What is your screen name?” is in!

Screen name(sn) exchange is the new phone number exchange! Who knew! And if you did, why did you not tell me?

The first …

24 March 2009  Uncategorized

My new gadget

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You all know I loves me some kitchen gadgets. Well, I have to admit that I get it so very honest. My aunt (my mothers sister) is also a big fan of kitchen gadgets. She normally will try something and if she likes it, she will purchase one for me. …

19 February 2009  Uncategorized

The site

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FI’s mom, who is all about us getting married, brought me three books to get me started. One of them was called Bridal Bargains. Thank goodness for that book.
That book helped me realize I wanted a ceremony and reception site that did not need a lot of decorating. So for …

18 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

This is some Bull *ish

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So my BFF and I decide that we need some comfort food quick. As we are both not originally from the ATL we always look to venture out and try some new spot in the midst of an area that we would not normally frequent. Well, we come across this one …

12 February 2009  Uncategorized

Bye ’09 Wedding

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So its official.
I am no longer a 2009 bride. I know people I talk with often are happy I have finally made a decision, because it has been weighing on me for a while. However, I don’t know if I am still 100% OK with it. I …

4 February 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

Simple visions

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They say every girl has her dream wedding planned. Well I guess I am not your average girl.
I always wanted to get married, but never imagined the dress or the decor. Frankly all that picking table cloths and chair sashes never crossed my mind, and still doesn’t. I …

29 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

5 Chic Styles for the Out-the-Box Bride (and Groom)

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Gone are the days of uber-traditional weddings that exhibit zero personality and showcase cheesy frocks that lend honor to past decades – like the 80’s. While one should focus mainly on the relationship when preparing for the big day, it doesn’t hurt to add panache and individuality to tie it …

29 January 2009  Uncategorized

Food Porn

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I just returned from my week long cruise and what better way to let you all know how much I enjoyed it, than by sharing a little food porn with you. Im sure that I gained at least 10 pounds during the 8 days, however im not bitter about it at …

12 January 2009  Uncategorized

Its been a year!

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I can’t believe it, it has been almost a year since FI proposed to me! New Years 2008 he was on one knee putting the ring on the wrong finger! He was soooo nervous.
This year has flown by and changed my life tremendously. I have heard and …

6 January 2009  DRICKA,THE BABBIES,Uncategorized

The Head Diva’s Delights!!!

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Here is a collection of my latest obsessions wedding related and otherwise…
1. My daughter just got these dolls for Christmas…
I have been stalking them ever since I had the twins but they were either way too expensive or totally out of stock. I was finally able to get them for …

30 December 2008  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC,Uncategorized

Laying the Foundation

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to blog. (Senam hates me Between work, the holidays and a broken laptop, it has been hard to find some time to myself, let along get some thoughts down. I’m back in action with a fixed computer and some much needed …

23 December 2008  Uncategorized

Day 2: Bourbon Chicken

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You walk through the mall on a Saturday afternoon and someone stops you near the food court
“Would you like a sample of Bourbon Chicken”?
Yes, of course I would…then I proceed to walk by that same sample man again 2 or 3 times till Ive had enough that there is …

22 December 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

DIY Wedding Luminaries – Water Balloons and Hot Wax! Oh My!

Post Thumbnail of DIY Wedding Luminaries - Water Balloons and Hot Wax! Oh My!

So I loves me some craftyness! I barely have time for it anymore but when I was planning the wedding I was all diy, all the time.  DIY wedding projects are a great way to save money and personalize your wedding with your own special touch! Everyone will remember those …

17 December 2008  THE BABBIES,THE HDIC,Uncategorized
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