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Fashionably Yours

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for fashion.
Whether it was the neon bright garbs of the 80’s, the baggy TLC-esque attire of the 90’s or the requisite 7 for All Mankind denim jeans paired with a fun Alice + Olivia top, three-inch peep toes (cause …

5 August 2008  Uncategorized

Umm Umm Good

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Ok, so I get frustrated trying to think of new dishes, easy dishes. (Those of you who know me…..know that its a MUST that the dish be an easy fix) Anyway, I created a Chicken Teriyaki dish, that was super easy and turned out great. As usual, I worked with …

31 July 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

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So today is a bitter, sweet day.  I have completed my DIY invitations and put them in the mail.  You are probably thinking,  ”Why is that so sad?”  I started working on my invitations two years ago.  I went through so many changes with them and there were so many …

Finding Love

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From time to time, I hope to highlight some fictional stories to supplement the gossipy feel of this blog. 

Their Eyes Were Watching God (Zora Neale Hurston) follows Janie Crawford along her spiritual journey with life’s ups and downs.  While Hurston describes Janie’s relationships with others, we also follow Janie’s path to independence and growth. It is Janie’s last heartache …

30 July 2008  Uncategorized

New BAB Blogger on the Block

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Hello everyone.  I’m the newest Babbie Blogger.  I’m very excited to be able to share my wonderful walk down the aisle.

I’m getting married on September 27, 2008!  Yes it’s only 60 days away.  I’m marrying a man who is truly my best friend and my spiritual partner.  We have been through so …

29 July 2008  Uncategorized


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365 days. In the large picture of life, one year is a miniscule fraction on the days that we spend here on this earth; greatly adding to the wonder of how just one year can alter the course …

24 July 2008  Uncategorized

Comfort Me Food

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After having a big argument with DH, I decided the 1 thing that could cheer me up, was having some good ole comfort food.
I must admit, I am by far one of the greediest people that I Just about every situation, puts me in the mood to eat…..bad hair day, …

23 July 2008  Candra,Uncategorized

Am I late?

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Tyrese = married ?

I looked at the pictures and was thinking “oh she’s pretty.”  Then I looked at the caption:

Singer-turned-actor Tyrese Gibson and his wife were seen arriving at Coco Deville nightclub in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

I glance back to the pics…lo and behold the rock on her left …


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In wedding related news, Jay liked the cake! His favorite flavor was the cherry, so that’s the flavor we will probably end up going with ( he liked it, I liked it, and my Mom liked it) unless I can get a tier of lemon (it was soooooo good!) I …

18 July 2008  Uncategorized,VEE


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I like to cuddle.  I will admit I missed it a lot while in the LD marriage.  I enjoy being able to again.  Cuddling is so nice.  It is a level of intimacy, atleast to me.  Like a way to be intimate without doing too much.  Which is important while …

The ‘New’ Cosbys

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I may be a wee bit biased when I say: I love the Simmons family.
I have watched Run’s House since the first season and am excited for the newest season to begin airing.  (July 16 10 PM EST)
Since I only know what is shown on TV, I decided to research Rev. …

Comfort zone

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My new challenge with dating is finding my comfort zone. As we get to know each other better and figure out each others personalities the zone is being created. Though, I catch myself wondering if certain actions will make him feel uncomfortable or will be doing too much.

Some …

Recap of the Wedding

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I’ve heard it said that the day of the wedding is a whirlwind.  It was for me…
I got up at 6 am because I couldn’t sleep…I was nervous and excited…You know that feeling you get when you were little and you were going to the first day of school?  It …

11 July 2008  Uncategorized

Love and relationships

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OK ladies.  “Where is your intro entry?!” you might ask…I did it a bit backwards, but that is just how I am.  My first post was about Malinda Williams’ wedding shower.  (Check it out here.)
Now, I have been asked to keep the BABs informed about anything and everything on the …

10 July 2008  Uncategorized

Celebrity weddings!

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Who would have thought? Celebrities have issues too.  No, I’m not talking about the ones who are addicted to everything under the sun.  They go through similar things as us common folk.  For instance, Malinda Williams (you might remember her as Bird on T.V.’s Soul Food).

Well, turns out that …

Happily Married and Cooking Easy

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YES YES YES…Ive made my way to the renowned BAB Blog. I’m so excited about this and look forward to sharing so many of my ideas, thoughts and life’s adventures with you, from my home and from my kitchen.
On Saturday April 5, 2008 I married the love of my life …

So I’m Upset…

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Up until recently, I haven’t had any trouble out of my Bridal Party. My girls are ok with their deadlines. I also don’t ask much of them, so that maybe another reason. Seriously, All I’ve asked them to do is meet up at a couple of dress shopping appointments for …

7 July 2008  Uncategorized

Such the Busy Bee

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I have been away for about a week. I was seeing a lot of my projects pile up, so I had to take a little break from blogging. I was a pretty productive while I was away. I’m working on my Cake Table “I Love You” letters. I’m almost done. …

3 July 2008  THE BABBIES,Uncategorized,VEE

More Progress!

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I ordered my hostess dresses a few weeks ago and they came back a month early! Gotta love David’s!

It’s the same dress I got for my Jr. Bridesmaid except hers is pearl pink like the bridesmaids. I’m going to cut these hostess dresses so they will be at knee legnth …

1 July 2008  Uncategorized,VEE

Trouble, Tastings, and Tuxes…OH MY!

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Today was a busy day for us. First, we had an appointment to look at a townhouse. I LOVED it. It was very spacious and it was very reasonably priced. Jay, on the other hand has his mind on this other place we looked at a few weeks ago. It’s …

30 June 2008  Uncategorized,VEE
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