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I have learned that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. I do not mean the general everyday communication but the important conversation type of communication! The other day we had a very serious conversation via instant messenger. Yes, I know that was the wrong way to have the conversation! It happened after he asked me a question that he thought was simple. I had a long response to.

The last few days have not been the happiest between me and L.  He’s been getting on my nerves, but who doesn’t!  We’ve been lingering in this gray area for a while now. The main rule in the gray area is letting each other know if we decide to date someone else..

All the extras: checking in with each other throughout the day and all the other little things you do in a relationship, just that extras! Like the toys in your box of cereal! When those extras do not happen one begins to worry or wonder, but since it’s not in our rules we don’t say nothing.  Which has become extremely annoying to me.  After dating for 7 months being in the gray area in words is one thing but emotionally a completely different scenario.

We have a lot going on in our personal and professional lives so I try to limit my complaining.  I however can not hide emotions so it has become obvious I have an issue with us. Which caused him to ask me his simple question. I explained how I was feeling and why, but he responded with a simple sentence. After I said all that I had to say I was upset to get something so simple back. I try to get him to say more by opening up more, but got the same response.

I told him how I that simple answer wasn’t enough and maybe we should not be having the conversation though instant messenger. Somehow the convo continued. In the end he suggested we take a step back since I have issues with the gray area.  I told him, a step back would mean we were over. I have done the rollercoaster ride relationship before and I am not willing to do it again. He replied with a simple “ok”.

I kinda… sorta… went off after that. Who just says “ok” to that.  Well a man, but still! So after seeing I was at the highest level of pissed-tivity he says we should talk face to face. (&%#$# didn’t I say that!) I told him that would be best and avoided all his attempts to talk to me for the rest of the work day. I was heartbroken and had nothing nice to say.

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