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Do you smell that? I mean, I know we only know each other through the internets and all but I smell so, SO good, I BET if you put your pretty little nose up against the screen you could smell my Chocococanutta deliciousness all up and through your computer screen…

Ummmm hmmm what’d I tell you… I smell MAHVELOUS DAHLING!!!

I’ve officially conquered my life long wish to smell like a big ole bag of chocolate and coconut fantastic-ness…

What’s that you say?

You too want to smell like a big ole bag of delicious…

Soooooo…. What you want me to do about that?

You betta get to mixing up some hustle man scents, pine sol, and bergamot oil or something…. Make it do what it do at the crib…

A diva like myself just can’t be expected to divulge alllll her divaosity secerets… Don’t be jealous boo, boo… hate the playa not the game….

What did you just call me? :clutches pearls:

Well, dag! I had no idea you Babbies were going to get gansta with me like that… Put the shanks down. Black on Black Violence is never the way….

But since ya’ll insist on all the e-thuggery… I will share my seceret….


Girlfriends!!! Let’s talk about it… My husband loves for me to smell good… Like literally he sniffs me all day long… FREAK… But Lately I have been stagnanting on my scents… I needed something new and exciting to mix it up over heah!

So I used my daily etsy stalking effectively and started seeking out some new body delights to surprise my hubby!

And wouldn’t you know! I found all the answers to my smell issues with a sistapreneur named, Patrice!!! Now I’m all about equality and all that fabulousness but it does my heart sooo good to find another sista doing the dang thang… Don’t you agree?

Patrice is the owner and Supreme Soap Seductress at The Soap Seduction On Etsy. She crafts soaps, candles, and all sorts of bath & body fantabulousness!

Case in point:

This fabulousness:

And this Fabulousness:

And this Fabulousness:

ooohhh and this fabulousness:

I know what you thinking, Dang Senam, you always Hungry….:side eye:  Everybody’s a comedian!

But Babbies, these items are not food! They are apart or her Soap Seduction Shop on Etsy!

Can you imagine how cute little baskets of these soaps and body scrubs would be as gifts for your bridesmaids, hostesses, and attendants ! After all that bridezilla-ing you doing over there they deserve something more than that dollar store gift pack you putting together….

She even has Lip Lushes, this one is MANGO PEACH

And these cute Sugar Bubble Jars, this one is the Snickerdoodle!

And the best part is Patrice’s products are wonderfully priced, good for the skin, and fun fun fun!

I bought this one,

Chocolatacoconuta Soap

For only $4 bucks!!!  It smelled great and felt great!  You could really feel the moisture just when I touched the bar of soap. According to Patrice that is totally intentional! She said that she,

came to make soap as a result of my ashy-prone skin being dried out even more by the commercial detergent bars. Even the so-called “moisture” bars did nothing for me. I also wanted a soap in the scents that I like. I’m very partial to food-based fragrances as I know a lot of people are, and I just couldn’t find that commercially. Everything was floral or fruity-floral, and the ingredients had more syllables than I could count! So I set off to make a product that was fun, affordable, and good for the skin. It’s been two years of trial and error, but I’m learning something new almost every day, and I know I’ve done a great job when I get that repeat buyer!

Well Sista Patrice, You got me hooked! And now…. I’m about to hook my lovely ladies of bab UP!!! ALL THE WAY UP!!!

First, Every lovely diva of BAB mentions they heard about her products here on Brown and is automatically eligible for 15% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!  That right boo, Its SHOPPING TIME!!! You get a discount, You get a discount, EVERY BABBIE GETS A DICOUNT!

:does praise dance:

Oh but wait… Just when you thought your HDIC could do no better…. I HAVE A GIVEAWAY!!!!

YUP Every single babbie that comments on this blog is automatically eligible to win a $25 dollar gift certificate to The Soap Seduction!


:catches the Holy Ghost and begins to speak in tongues:


Yup, I’m a fool…

But anyway!! Can you imagine all the fabulousness you can hook up with your gift certificate for $25 smackerroos! YOUR GOING TO GET IT DIVA!!!!

So go head post a comment on this blog post… Saying what you want to buy with the gift certificate & your username on the BAB Forum! You can register for the forum HERE. It takes 2 seconds and is a great community of women!

The winner will be chosen at random on thursday evening! Check back for the results!!! If I do not hear back for the chosen winner in 48 hours a new winner will be chosen!

Pssst…. want extra entries?

Follow me on twitter @brownandbridal and tweet the link to this post and you will get an extra entry!

Also Blog about BAB and/or this post and you get an extra entry!

Stay fierce, fabulous, and seductive from,

Posted by thehdic   @   8 June 2009 27 comments
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Jun 8, 2009
4:09 PM
#1 Heather :

That snickerdoodle sugar bubble jar looks amazing enough to eat! :)

Jun 8, 2009
5:21 PM
#2 Rah :

Umm donuts as soap!?!? It’s on a popping, thanks for posting this, I’m running to check the ETSY website now!

Jun 8, 2009
5:27 PM
#3 ree :

Those look delicious…

and you know I have to be extra and ask…What are the ingredients???

Jun 8, 2009
5:34 PM
#4 JoVonn :

I like the sound of the nectarine honey soap. I’m curious to find out what the answer to Ree’s question is since I’m trying to do better (lol).

Author Jun 8, 2009
5:45 PM
#5 thehdic :

Yes, Ree VERY EXTRA… LOL! I’m sure that if you contact her when you are ready to make a purchase she can answer those kinds of questions! I will say this I am verrry, verry skin sensitive, Eczema & all that trash… and I have used my bar with no problems! I love the way it makes my skin feel!

Jun 8, 2009
5:47 PM
#6 KeepUp :

Hmmmm, I may have to check her out. I was loooking at the Adore-Cocoa Butter Soap. And Ree, according to her site: “the heart of this soap is soybean, castor, and avocado oils dressed in cocoa butter.”

Jun 8, 2009
6:00 PM
#7 Von :

I live w/ some nuts, so I don’t think chocolate donut shaped soaps would be safe in my house.hehe

Jun 8, 2009
7:21 PM
#8 Tiffany :

I would soooo be ready to eat that doggone cupcake- it’s a shame! How neat! It probably smells just delightful (-:

Jun 8, 2009
7:45 PM
#9 sld :

See… I lurve me some SOAPS!!! :: singing: we going to Sizzler…

Jun 8, 2009
8:02 PM
#10 Gina :

Those are too cute! They would look cute in my guest bathroom

Jun 8, 2009
9:06 PM
#11 Tia :

Those look amazing! I’m headed over there now!

Jun 8, 2009
9:06 PM
#12 Durhambride :

Lawd have mercy!!! Thanks Senam for hooking me up with yet another addiction…:running to the etsy shop:

Jun 8, 2009
9:18 PM
#13 Janika :

This is fabulous! The soap looks good enough to eat! OMG!

I have very sensitive skin, but I think this soap will do me just fine! Thanks for the info, Senam!

Patrice, I’m ready to buy!!

Jun 8, 2009
9:30 PM
#14 Cherise :

Senam, you’re better than a used car salesman….I.AM.SOLD!
:::::::::::::off to look at her site:::::::::::

Jun 8, 2009
10:11 PM
#15 Tangy :

OMG, these soaps are amazing. I can only imagine how good they smell! Oh and THANKS for teh 15% off, you are the bomb!!

Jun 8, 2009
10:33 PM
#16 Kym :

Im always late & missing something! On my way to check out the goodies – that nectarine 1 sounds nice……

Jun 8, 2009
10:56 PM
#17 De Dee :

Yummy! I love free and I love to smell good! Thx for the hook up chica!

Jun 9, 2009
1:32 AM
#18 bennettsbaby :

Going to the site right now! Sounds yummy!

Jun 9, 2009
3:16 AM
#19 April :

I am defiantly getting that Chocolatacoconuta Soap!!

Jun 9, 2009
5:11 AM
#20 Heidi :

I love these. I had to scroll back up to make sure this was about soap.

Jun 9, 2009
4:11 PM

I was about to get real ignant about these cookies and ish being posted, while I’m dieting. Okay…proceed! I want some!

Jun 9, 2009
5:04 PM
#22 soon2bmrsw :

WOWSERS!!! I was jusy saying I needed a little retail therapy – and 15% off?!?!?!


Headed to shop and blog about it ;)

Jun 9, 2009
5:32 PM
#23 Gabbi :

yummy – I know they smell good!! I’m excited about the lip lushes!!

Jun 9, 2009
10:01 PM
#24 Dricka :

These look amazing! I can’t wait to try these out!

Feb 19, 2011
9:47 AM

Okay so that might not be food but the pictures are really making me hungry.
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Jan 20, 2015
11:53 PM
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