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Geesh. It's been too long. Short update: School. Work. Sleep. :)

Speaking of work, I'm starting to get annoyed with a certain "friend." (We're FB friends, but not friend friends, got it?) You know, the type who complains about ev-ery-thing? The one who always has too much work to do and is overwhelmed by it? The kid who wants to throw fits when something doesn't go his (or her) way? You know anyone like that…?

You're lucky if you don't.

This girl is so unprofessional. Let me count the ways.

1. Blew up at a senior 3-4 times because of his "condescending" tone.  Keep in mind, I have worked with this same senior my entire career. Sure, I've wanted to tell him where to go a few times. However, not once have I raised my voice, nor did I tell him that what he was explaining to me was unnecessary because I am an accountant–"I went to school for that; you don't need to tell me." *Newsflash*Textbook work and real-life work are completely different.

2. Tell your supervisor that your workload is just too much and that someone else needs to do it. In the same breath, refuses to work any overtime or even a few minutes late. Hmmm.

3. Complains about other people's PAY. Because she has access and can see other's pay**, it's her right to see what counterparts are making. Then, proceeds to complain about her lack of pay. Some people in this country don't have jobs, yet she can bitch about not getting paid enough. [See 1 & 2 above for two of the reasons!]

**This pisses me off! In a conversation about someone else's payout/bonus, my "friend" proceeds to tell me how she looked up my pay. WTF!!  I was speechless. I thought I was hallucinating. Nope, she honestly told me she invaded my privacy. There is no excuse for that type of behavior.

4. Calls her mother, who works at another district, rather than talking to senior accountants about system issues. Yes, her mom is knowledgeable, but how does it look when you don't even ask questions to your immediate supervisor?

5. Loud, personal phone calls about family issues in the middle of the work day.

Needless to say, I am distancing myself from my FB friend. I wish I could give limited status to people in real-life situations.

Posted by Charanne   @   9 February 2010 2 comments

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Jul 21, 2010
3:55 PM
#1 ShortCake :

I can understand ur frustration with a friend at work. I’m glad to see u befriend on FB. There was a girl at my job that shows the same characterics. Some of co-workers use to get in arguement with her. Now everyone just ignore her. They don’t respond back at all. She use to be on cell phone, job phone and computer at the same time. Always stay in drama. After a while she just hung herselft. She was let go. Everything caught up with her.

Jul 2, 2011
3:20 AM

Its amazing how now some things fly in the workplace that bosses would never go for only a few years ago. In this economy nobody should be complaining about a job if they have one. One thing about it if you are let go–you’ll see how hard it is to find another. I work the front desk where I work and I see unprofessionalism from people trying to get a job on a almost daily basis. For instance, why would you bring your kids with you to an orientation? Why toss your filled out application at me, because it took so long for you to fill it out? LOL I can feel this one!!!
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