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Yesterday, BF and I had a conversation. It did not go as well as I thought it would. I simply told him that sometimes when we are supposed to be talking to each other on the phone, I feel ignored. Either I will call or he will and I try to talk about something and he is occupied. So, I’m tired of just being on the phone. This might seem ridiculous to some, but it’s how I feel.

Limited resources (time, minutes in plan, etc) are involved. He brought up the fact that I said in the past that right now our relationship is the phone. Which is still true, but breathing at each other on the phone does nothing.

I am completely frustrated. He says he wants to talk to me as much as possible. That’s cool; I want to as well. BUT TALK!!! We are not in high school any more, so it’s not cute nor fun to be on the phone not saying a word. I have school work I can be doing. So does he!

Last night, he kept saying that same thing over and over–”but I want to talk to you whenever I can…” I told him that’s fine, but oftentimes when he is available, I am not. I just don’t know what to do!

I just spent the last ten minutes sending my mom an email about the whole situation. Hopefully, she will respond soon. I really need guidance.

Posted by Charanne   @   13 March 2009 2 comments

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Mar 17, 2009
5:22 AM
#1 sweetpy :

Hey dear, the first 9 months of my relationship with hubby was long distance. IT.WAS.ROUGH. He was about 4 hours away for part of the time, and then we both had internships on opposite ends of the country (me in nyc and him in san fran and seattle). I was frustrated often, and I learned to make phone dates with him so that 1) it was a committed time to share with him, and 2) we had more valuable things to say to each other. Hang in there dear, and don’t be afraid to just hang up with him every once in a while.

Mar 17, 2009
4:46 PM
#2 Dricka :

I felt like this when I was in college and FI was back home, and sometimes even now. Don’t be afraid to end the convo and say, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I am sure both of you have differences in opinions and things you like to do so you may not always have stuff to talk about. It is nothing wrong with that. I have found that sometimes, things in the news are good conversation starters as well. When I want to have a conversation with FI, I turn on ESPN or go to their site and see what’s going on. Maybe you could research some of his interest from time to time, if you really want to spend time on the phone with him. HTH!

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