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Secrets. Pretty much a bad word in a relationship, right? I try not to keep things from Dono as much as possible, but it’s hard some times. He is extremely close with his family. Like, thisclose. It is starting to wear on me. I want to be able to tell him everything, but in the past he has blabbed to his family. I’m like, if I wanted them to know, I would have personally told them. Should you have to tell a person, “this is between me and you” before you share anything?

I am a very private person. (Probably couldn’t tell from this blog though huh?) There are things that I just don’t like to talk about even to people I feel I could share anything with.  Then there are things that I believe should stay within a relationship. For instance, Dono’s on and off best friend has been married for about three years. They are having problems. Any time BF calls Dono, Dono tells me what the issue is. I don’t want to know! To me, that should be between BF and Dono. Even some of things BF tells Dono, I think he should talk to his wife about, but that’s just me.

When this happens, I have started to shut him down. I have to tell him, I don’t want to know because it’s their business. He thinks that some of their issues we can learn from (which is partially true). At the same time, we could (potentially) never have the problems that they are having, so why do we need to talk about them? I also feel like, I know their business. Awkward. Then, if BF shares his thoughts with Dono, I am certain Dono does the same. I don’t want him knowing stuff! LOL! So I have come up with a compromise with myself, don’t think about what could possibly be told to BF then it’s like it never happened. We’ll see if it works.

Posted by Charanne   @   12 June 2009 2 comments

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Jun 12, 2009
9:17 PM
#1 Rahael :

I was JUST talking to another babbie about this exact topic. I agree that most topics need to stay between you and him. When issues/plain ole bizness leaks out to others (family, friends, etc) those family members/friends tend to hold on to that issue because more often than not, that is there only “interaction” with you. When they hold on to those issues, they also can start making up stuff (mus) about your behavior, actions, and character. It’s not their fault, MUS is human nature. I’m sure ya’ll will find a happy medium!

Jun 13, 2009
2:39 PM
#2 Gina :

It went through the same thing with my DH when we first got married. He use to call and tell his sister things about us until I called him on it and we had a long discussion about the definition of what “Team Montgomery” really means. on the other hand ,I think its nice that he feels comfortable enough yo talk about his friends. Maybe thats his way of bonding with you.

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