Mission 5!


Okay so me and the boy made it legal FIVE years ago… Can you imagine… I can't even believe its been that long! So in celebration we are taking a road trip… YAY!!! We aren't sure where we are going but we know that it will be  5 hours from Chicago… And the trip is for 5 days… We didn't plan for it to be that way but when I realized that there were a whole lot of 5's coming up I cam up with the idea of us doing something fun.

We've never really done up gifts for our anniversaries so we are going to give each other a gift on each day of the trip. It can be like a gift gift. or like an experience but the twist is that each day has to coincide with the traditional gifts for anniversaries… Here they are:

1st Paper
2nd Cotton
3rd Leather
4th Linen or Lace
5th Wood

And knowing me and Michael… It is TOTALLY a competition… Like who can out romance, out fly each other… He is totally going to win… Cause I'm going to cry and be all emotional cause he even is doing this… LOL BUt I want to make a good showing… I have some ideas..

Cause he loves puzzles
Cause pink is my favorite color… And I love him in Boxer briefs… Side note… what is happening with ole' boys package in this photo?
3rd Leather:
I don't know if it's really his style though… LOL
4th LAce…
This is ugly and very old but this is THE ONLY picture I could find of a plus sized African American woman in lace lingerie… And trust my googleFu is SKRONG… BUt some kind of lacy fabulousness would be lovely!
Hmmm… Well maybe that would be something he would have to give to me….
Umm So ya… I need some help!! Help a sista out!!!
Stay fierce, Fabulous, and immaturely giggling about sexual innuendos concerning your husbands,
Posted by thehdic   @   19 October 2010 9 comments

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Jun 15, 2011
3:07 AM
#1 Petra :

Congratulations :) 5 years is a nice anniversary :)
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Oct 31, 2011
1:42 AM
#2 Fria :

I love those photos here!!They are all fantastic!!
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Oct 31, 2011
7:47 PM
#3 Candy :

Good luck and stay strong for the both of you!!
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Nov 7, 2011
7:13 PM
#4 Sandie :

Congratz for you then!!
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Nov 8, 2011
6:40 PM
#5 Nikky :

Congratulations for the both of you!!
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Feb 21, 2012
6:58 AM
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