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Helllooo My Dahlings,

So I have an idea….

Welll I got it from REE!!!! So we were discussing a uhhhhhhhh grown and sexy kind of topic and she metioned that her FI had done something so wonderfully that she gave him an award for doing such a good job. He was honored of course and gave an acceptance speech. There were cheers and applauding all around!!!

Anyway, but that got me to thinking…. Remember when you were in grade school and your teacher would come to your desk and give you that AWARD for whatever reason… Just a simple piece of paper with your name written in the blank and that little tacky seal of approval in the corner…

Do you remember how that made you feel… DAMN GOOD!!!

Running home to show your mama and the other kids… You had done something GOOODDD!!!!

Sooooo here’s the plan, from now until next week, we should award our husbands….

I mean, its easy to rag on him for leaving his socks on the floor, or not using a coaster but what about the simple, little things he does do right on a everyday basis…

Did he take out the trash?

Did he give you a sweet compliment?

Did he go to work a job he hates?

Did he love your children?

Did he pick up the dry cleaning?

Everyday the man in your life does something necessary for the peaceful contiuation of your marriage and/or relationship…. I say its high time we honor them for it…

Sooooo I give you the FABULOUS MAN AWARD….


The large version of the award is available if you click here

Please come on over and register at the FORUM at www.brownandbridal.com and post his reaction to the award, pictures, if you have them, and if it had any effect on your relationship at all… Maybe he finallly picked up his socks the next day or maybe he gave you an award too…

I know its just a silly piece of paper but maybe it will make our men feel good and that is a good enough reason to do it…

I think it will be fun, and that is what life and marriage should always be….

This is the first part of a series I will be doing called OPERATION HAPPY MARRIAGE feel free to send me any ideas or suggestion about what you do to maintain a happy marriage! Contact me at brownandbridal@gmail.com!

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Jun 12, 2008
6:28 PM
#1 Apearl :

I love this! And you let us use it too!

Jun 12, 2008
6:59 PM
#2 vegas_love :

Oh this is such a good idea! I can already see him cheesin!

Jun 12, 2008
9:44 PM
#3 chariseraynee :


This is too cute…I’mma print out a bunch of these!!! Thanks girl!

Jul 13, 2013
10:07 AM

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