Operation Happy Marriage: What do you wanna do?


You know, I’ve been with Mr. HDIC for almost 8 years.  And in these almost eight years we have gone out on countless “dates”  but what I have noticed for us is now that we are sort of in the groove of life, babies, and  family… The whole date thing has gotten a little stale… I know every relationship book, expert, random fool on the street will tell you to date your spouse to maintain a good marriage… But….. Lord he’s going to kill me for saying this… But umm  Watching a movie is getting played… I think  since the twins came, we are always so excited to finally be out the house  that neither one of us has time to plan anything fun or fabulous for the other person… We usually end up saying, ” What do you wanna do?”  over and over again to each other… And that is very, very LAME.

So In an effort to spice up our “erratic-should-be-scheduled-regularly-but-don’t- nobody-want-to-babysit-twins-every-week” date night.We  are going to be coming up with 5 things for us to do on our date night that we have never done before that we each think would be fun! Short simple easy dates that are different from the regular, dinner movie, sex in the back of the minivan dates we usually do.  They should be things that you all have never done together before!

I’m still adjusting my list but here is what I got:

1. Go to a gym and take a fun class together or use their rock climbing wall!

Most gyms have a free trial or a discounted price for a simple one day/class visit. Google the gyms in your area find a cool class and sign you and the hubster up!  I found a class by us that is called: BOLLYWOD AEROBICS!  According to the description: The movements in Bollywood style are fun, athletic and a fusion of styles from classical Indian dance to modern jazz and hip-hop. My husband doing Indian Dance, Modern Dance,& Hip Hop…. Hilarity will ENSUE!

2.  A photo shoot!

I like my husband. I think he’s a real cutie. And he also claims to think I’m pretty cute too!  I like his back and he thinks my fingers are cute.. So I think it would be fun to get our cute stuff together and go to some cute local location and take pics of each other… I think Michael will hate this one BTW but its my date night! I can pick what I want! But I’m sure he may come to enjoy himself when he sees one of the AHEM special outfits I might pick for the photoshoot! tee hee

3. Go to a local high school football or basketball game!

I know we don’t have any high school aged children but I was thinking this would be a cheap fun way to do something we’ve never done before… We can marvel at how young all the kids are, tell stories about our high school experiences and maybe just being around all those young folks will make us feel like high schoolers again… Who knows… Maybe, I’ll let him kiss me behind the bleachers…

I told Michael my idea about coming up with dates and he gave me that goofy guy smirk, and said I got all five of mine already… So then I had to tell hime that all five of them couldn’t be solely revolving around sex… So now he has none. LOL! You may have to give your husband the same rule… Dang shame… LOL

ANyhoo at the beginning of the week for the next ten weeks place all of your ideas in a hat for each other. DO NOT LET THE OTHER PERSON PEEK AT YOUR IDEAS… Draw a slip of paper and whoever’s date it is has the week to plan it and should give the other person a cryptic idea of how to dress, what to bring, time, date, etc. Then go on your date and have an awesome time doing what was randomly chosen… I like this one cause there is an element of surprise, a chance to experience something new together, and an oppurtunity to spend time doing something fun with your spouse. Also having a week of suspense trying to figure out what the other persons date is, is always fun!

SO what are you ladies gonna do?  Come join us over on the forum where we will be discussing our dates in detail!

Stay fierce fabulous and dating ya man,


Posted by thehdic   @   16 June 2009 6 comments
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Jun 16, 2009
10:29 PM
#1 Cherise :

Great idea Senam, I think it will have to do this.

Jun 18, 2009
3:04 AM
#2 Gina :

This is an awesome idea. My DH will hate the no sex date though. I might have to give him one freebie.

Jun 18, 2009
3:52 AM
#3 Rahael :

What a great idea. I’m already kind of doing this with him but I’ve been coming up with the ideas more often than him. I’ll be reporting back on this method soon. ;)

Jun 18, 2009
4:16 PM
#4 JoVonn :

This is a great idea! We need to do something like this as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jun 21, 2009
6:58 AM
#5 poppin :

This sounds good. Hubby and I will be taking Salsa classes in July for ten bucks a class no contract so if we can’t make it we don’t pay. ( Good in this econnomy)! I’m trying to get him to take another class with me (Zumba)!! So wish me luck!!

P.S. Can there be NO sex on these nites…….? I mean a womens got needs!LOL

Jan 15, 2015
2:23 PM
#6 Horacio :

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