Financially Married After: Merging Finances

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This is the first in a series about money and marriage.
When getting married and combining your lives, some things are easy…

“Umm honey, let’s not go with your artwork.”
And some thing, well, not so easy…

“You want me to give you MY on-line banking password?!?!”
Figuring out how you will handle your …

10 June 2009  Rahel,THE BABBIES

You’re Fired!

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So maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as what Donald would do on reality TV. But maybe you’ve have been recently laid off or even have had your job eliminated. Don’t fret, there is much that can be done to make sure that your bills stay paid.
Take stock of what you …

25 May 2009  THE BABBIES

Recession Proofing Your Life

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They say no news is good news, and the fact that the news is packed to the brim with financial stories is a clear indicator that things are bad. Real bad. Most of you Babbies are employed and I am pretty sure you or someone in your family knows someone …

28 February 2009  Rahel

Wall Street Crisis

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The top story over the last couple weeks has been the US economic crisis. Much has gone on in the 14 days to shape the future of Wall Street and the US economy overall. Our dear HDIC has asked me to tackle explaining this crisis and hopefully I’ll do a …

22 September 2008  Rahel,THE BABBIES
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