The holidays…

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The holidays are coming up! I know, I know…it’s only September!  BUT I have to start planning now!! With oil prices fluctuating like they are, I have to take the time to actually plan my holiday trips (if I am taking any at all).

Donovan and I have been together 6.75 months so this holiday season will be the first for us.  We “met” just after Halloween and did not exchange numbers until some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did not know him well enough to exchange gifts since I am more of a meaningful gift giver. :) I have been going back and forth on whether I will be able to afford going to Orlando for the holidays.  I really want to, but $500+ for a ticket is not what that is.

I have thought about travelling between major holidays, but there’s something about actually spending THE holiday with your loved ones.  The downside to that is, I will be away from my family.  Without getting into too much detail, family dynamics have changed–in a good way–but not everyone in the family knows yet. Donovan fully understands and he would probably encourage me to stay in Texas to be with my family.

I just don’t know what to do…what are your plans for the holidays?

Posted by Charanne   @   10 September 2008 2 comments

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Sep 10, 2008
11:57 PM
#1 Gia :

this is a tough one Charanne…good luck with your choosing. All my immediate family lives on the same island (except biological dad) so we all stay here. I was hoping DH and I would travel for New Years but it seems we will be ‘stuck’ here. to add worse, his job may have him really busy so I’m kinda not looking forward to my first holiday season as a Mrs.

Sep 12, 2008
1:43 AM
#2 Mzshell :

Definitely a tough one. This is will be my first holiday as a Mrs. and DH and I are at odds over what to do. He wants to switch up–one family for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas, but the selfish part of me wants to spend both holidays with my family. My grandmother has Alzheimers and is getting progressively worse and I would like to spend as much quality time with her as possible, but I guess with marriage comes sacrifice.

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