Twitter Updates for 2010-02-01

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  • No real shade though… Them first two Black Eyed Peas albums are STILL on heavy rotation at my house… Thats the joint, thats the JAM! #
  • How is that the Jonas brother that is married (also read finally got some bootay) has the highest voice? He stillin shock? #grammys #
  • Am I tripping or does Taylor Swift have on a lacefront? #youbelongwithweave #
  • YAY 3D Michael!!! Yall better work this out! #grammys #
  • Dear MJ, Your kids are doing well… gone head and RIP we won't let anything happen to them #grammys #
  • The singing was nice but this tribute fails! What is the point of having Usher & no dancing? Did he sign the dancing papers? #grammys #
  • Can ya'll knock off with them aint his kids… he raised them…. they call him Daddy… End of story #grammys #ripMJ #
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