Twitter Updates for 2010-02-02

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  • @ShaunKing Fantastic Picture & sentiment… I'd like to do a post on it for my blog did you take the pic? thanks! in reply to ShaunKing #
  • Top Ten African-American Characters in Science Fiction < I'm not a sci fi fan but I wish we had more to choose from #
  • Dear Lord, You have mightily blessed me by waking me up this morning. Give me the power to use this gift is a magnificent way Amen! #
  • Its half off day at the Thrift Store! #dontjudgeme The thrift stores are fab! I need some picture frames, a blender & random crap! #
  • I hate the people on HGTV's My First Place! This idiot said he didn't want to live in a DUMP cause he had to go from 375K to 325K #spoiled #
  • Its people who don't have houses at ALL! You are blessed to have 325k to BUY a home… Stop whining you IDIOT! #
  • @Rwriteur Lord… I'm a horrible person… That has been on my to do list forever… I'm going to get on it this week #pinkyswear in reply to Rwriteur #
  • @tarabetts Girl this fool is in some little po dunk town complaining about a 3000 sq ft 4bd 2.5 bath house that is new construction #fail in reply to tarabetts #
  • @tarabetts I love the brown elephant!!! I got the FLYEST dresser for my daughter there! How is the wedding planning coming? in reply to tarabetts #
  • @tarabetts You betta go girl!!! I know its going to be FLY! YAY For WEDDINGS!!! You know I'm here if you need any help! in reply to tarabetts #
  • The "new" Stove is on its way!!! Bye Bye take out! Hello home cooking!! #
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