Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-15

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  • Ever burned your tongue rushing to take the first sip of hot cocoa? The rest of the drink suffers, right? #slowdownandenjoyeverything #
  • I am a powerful, untouchable, world-changing, blessed beyond measure, child of GOD! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! #
  • While I do think that John Mayer's Mouth is far short of a wonderland.. My concern is not some random comments he makes in some article cont #
  • Lil Wayne, & any number of rappers are writing songs WAY more damaging & u are letting ur daughters sing & dance to them #
  • I'm almost 1000 % certain my daughter'll never hear about his "david duke dick" but I'm sure what my come out of my radio is MUCH worse. #
  • We are the only race of people that are FOREVER trying to award people w/ blackness… I've never had an asian, white, award me w/ theirs #
  • Especially when most times these hood & nigger passes are handed out to whites for ridiculous behaviors! #Ugotarrested? #ublacknow #
  • Now let's all tweet something of actual substance into trending topics… Have your pick #troydavis #black unemployment #blackdropoutrates #
  • Is it really so shocking that a rich, priviliged, white, male rock star with a penchant for narcissism said some foul shit about women? #
  • Nope… What is shocking is that we let men fuck women up on the daily and do nothing… We let little boys rape babies and do nothing #
  • The only person who should be upset by this is Kerry Washington! Now she got a case, I'm pissed for her but he dont want me? #shrug #
  • So John Mayer pee-pee is a white supremacist… So is most of the economic system, so is the public school system… Whats more important? #
  • OMG he said "n**ger"! NEITHER SHOULD U!.. Hope U get loud w/ ya neighbors when she calls her kids by saying, "U lil nig**rs get in here" #
  • Good Mornting! What a lovely day to be alive!! Live your life abundantly today! Think clearly, Move Purposefully, & WIN Soundly! #
  • RT @JeanLevi: Live life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,Satan shudders & says "Oh Sh.t she's awake" <AMEN!!! #
  • Happy Sunday!!! This morning I woke up, Feeling Brand New, I jumped up! Feeling my highs& my lows & my soul &my goals! #jesusbeTalibKweli #
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