Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-26

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  • Can we all just say a prayer that there is no COONERY OR FOOLERY in this #NIGHTLINE SPECIAL. #letuspray #
  • Please note I run a whole website FULL of Black women who are getting married! This is a grave exaggeration #
  • Also Relationships are hard FOR ALL RACES! I know plently of sucessful white, green blue, yellow, women who are single #dontbelievethehype #
  • I'm turning this shit off… Now they going to try to make us hate women of other races for "stealing" our men #fuckouttahere #nightline #
  • Your man is YOUR MAN! A bitch could be glow in the dark colored if he is yours it won't matter! #nightline #oldassplayedasstopic #
  • Why did Sherri Laugh about the blue collar brothers…. Girl… I loves me a hardworking man! #andyoushouldtoo #nightline #
  • OOOHHHHWWEEEEEE!! Hill Harper just played Sherri Shepard… #whoops #nightline #sheplayedherself #
  • How many of ya'll good men and women are teaching the youth in ur life to be all that & more… Not a lot of time but a whole lot of impact #
  • I'm married & my husband is on my very LAST NERVE: MY VERY LAST! But I pledged to be here when it was hard & I am. #thatsrealadvice #
  • Stop all this bullshit. Stop Being cruel to each other… Love the people in your life the way you want to be loved. God's got the rest. #
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